What’s Up in the Forums: Calling out Corvette Owners Who Don’t Drive Their Cars

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Apparently, some people don’t like Corvette owners who don’t drive their cars much. But does it really matter?

Ah, the life of the internet troll. A mysterious being who appears in various places throughout the web simply to point out that you made a grammatical error. Or maybe an error in a blog post. And, most often, post inflammatory statements just to rile up the masses. Now, we aren’t 100% sure if Corvette Forum member Mcrider was trolling when he posted this in the forums recently. But he sure did touch a nerve with his fellow Corvette owners!

“I come out of the Harley world where we ride the Hell out of our bikes. The money we put in these can easily hit $50k or more and we ride in all kinds of weather, including rain.

Skip to the world of Corvettes and it’s like another planet. Seems that to many, they are more like ‘look at what I have in the garage.’ People buy them, put crazy assed amounts of money into them with add ons, and then don’t drive the damn things. A thread here had comments indicating 6k miles a year over a 3-year period was too many miles!”


As you might imagine, this little post drew the ire of most. But kevinjm isn’t among them.

“I’m glad new buyers are willing to garage their cars so we can scoop them up practically new for half the MSRP. To each their own I suppose.”

On the other hand, many Corvette Forum members aren’t among the trailer queen crowd. Including Mike Green9.

“To each his own. We drive our ‘Vettes the way we enjoy them. Not lecturing others on how they should drive theirs. I was gonna use my ‘Vette this afternoon, but I see a cloud so I’ll just stay home.”

And guys like zzjakect don’t really care how people use their Corvette.

“Some people drive their ‘Vettes, others just post about them. Just an observation. It is a Chevy. A nice one, but just a Chevy. If you want it on a pedestal do so. If someone wants to drive the crap out of it that’s cool too.”


But even those who don’t drive their Corvette regularly, like tprice, usually have a good reason for it.

“Mine is an ‘extra’ car so this is why it sits. Not afraid to drive it. I just drive one of my company cars on a daily basis, and for personal use I drive my Dodge truck. Wife drives a Tahoe, and this is just what we take when we go out and stuff.”

Or if you’re like Cooter Tech, you realize that sometimes these types of vehicles maybe shouldn’t be driven?

“In Michigan I see no Harleys and very few Corvettes on the road from November to mid April. It also does not upset me or cause me to question anyone who does not drive their toys in the winter. My boat oddly was the same way. Impossible to get it to plane correctly on the ice in the Great Lakes. Prop made funny noises too.”

If nothing else, the OP seems to have received the response he was looking for. It’s easy to criticize others for the way they drive their Corvettes, but in the end, it’s their choice. But we still want to know does it bother you that people don’t drive their cars? Or are there legitimate reasons for doing so? Let us know in the comments below!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Corvette Forum, Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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