Where Does Corvette Rank Among Historic American Nameplates?

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Here’s something to ponder – exactly how deep are those American roots that we tend to brag about when it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette? And how does the sports car rank among all the other vehicles that have long helped define the spirit of the American automobile?

Well, according to data compiled from Edmunds, the Corvette — with a continuous production run of 63 years and counting — only ranks third among the longest-produced American nameplates. The report is pulled from an analytical study done by AxleGeeks, a transportation research site that identified the 10 cars with the longest production history.

Topping the list is the Chevrolet Suburban at 81-years-old, followed by the Ford F-150 at 68 years. The Mustang, the only other sports car ranked in the top ten on the All-American list, came in at number four.

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Via [Mercury NewsAxleGeeks]

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