Which Wax To Use on your Corvette

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Your beautiful Chevy Corvette has started to lose some of its
shine and you can’t decide which one of the many different products in
the parts store’s chemical aisle to buy. Listed below are the various
types of wax products available to help you revive that shine, and what
each is good for.

Liquid Waxes

Liquid waxes are for those times when your Corvette is dirtier than
it is just not shiny. That’s because a liquid wax will accomplish
cleaning and wax application in the same step. Of course, if your car is
covered with mud, slime and slush, you’ll need to completely wash it
before applying any type of wax. Liquid type waxes are one of those
?quickie? wax job products for when you’re in a hurry to shine your car
and don’t have time for a full wash and wax process.

Synthetic Waxes

Many synthetic waxes can be multi-use products. This means that they
will work for quick touchups as well as monthly full details. One of the
best features of synthetic waxes is they provide excellent protection
while not leaving that unsightly haze on the plastic and rubber trim
that paste waxes are infamous for.

Paste Waxes

We’ve all used paste waxes before. Clunky and slightly harder to use,
this is the old mainstay of most people’s garages. A coat of paste wax
is going to give the best protection against the environment of the
various types of waxes, but it will also take the longest to apply to
your Corvette. This type of wax is better for the older Ford truck
because it leaves a thicker coat behind. One drawback with a paste wax
is that you have to be very careful to not get it on rubber and plastic
trim parts because it leaves a milky haze that is hard to remove.

Spray Waxes

If you have a newer Corvette which just needs a quick shining, then a
spray wax is what you need. Ten to fifteen minutes with a spray wax and
you’re done. Even better, you don’t have to worry about being careful
around rubber and plastic trim pieces.


All of these types of wax products are available from Turtle Wax and
Meguiar’s. Turtle Wax is a much older brand, but Meguiar’s has become
the hands down favorite among car aficionados and collectors. Mother’s
has been quite popular in the past as a metal polish; but they have
recently branched out and produced a very good paint and body detail
product line.

No matter what type of wax product you apply to your Corvette, it’s
important to remember to not do it in direct sunlight or when it’s
hotter than 90 or colder than 65 out. Excess heat during wax application
can degrade the wax, making it less effective. Too cold during
application, and you won’t leave any on the paint to protect it.
Remember, if your Corvette is dirty, you should completely wash and dry
it before applying any wax products, otherwise you’ll run the risk of
scratching the clearcoat.

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