Who Did April Fools Better?

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As we close out April, we look back at some of the fun things that happened this month.

Obvioulsy, April Fool’s Day was a pretty big April highlight. We were pretty proud of our fake Corvette SUV piece, but the folks over at CorvetteBlogger said that Callaway’s Callamino “won” the day. We think the Callaway El Camino conversion was a pretty great joke, but does it really beat our SUV? What do you guys think?

Of the two pieces, which do you think is better, funnier, and more believable?

April Corvette

If you missed out on all the action, Callaway built on their idea of swapping the rear hatch of the C7 to change its purpose. Currently they offer the AeroWagon package that turns your Stingray into a shooting brake-style wagon. For April 1st, they showed off a rear hatch that was inverted to fit inside the hatch, acting like a truck bed.

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Here at Corvette Forum, we made a whole piece about an upcoming SUV that would appear in 2020 wearing a Corvette Badge as part of an expanding Corvette lineup that starts with the mid-engine Corvette next year. We positioned it as a high-performance luxury machine in line with the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6.

Now it’s your turn, folks. We have laid out the two competitors, and we have a poll below. Let us know which of these two April Fool’s jokes really was better. A good April Fool’s post needs to actually fool people. So think about believability and presentation, but humor is an important factor to consider, as well. You have the contenders, and you have the poll below. Vote and let your voices be heard!

Which fool site fooled the most fools with their April Fool's post?

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