Why On Earth Is Rain Seen As Pure Evil For Corvettes?

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Rain, it’s the four-letter word of the Corvette community. Probably.

“Never driven in rain.” We see it on Corvette advertisements all the time, but do we really care? Most of us actually don’t, it seems. However, there’s still a small contingent that prefers to pamper their warm-blooded American sports car. This very discussion came up in our forums, and we found plenty of humor to be had here — not at the owner’s expense — about what happens to Corvettes when they do get wet.

“If you get any rain on these cars they turn into Mustangs.”

In a post poking fun at “never driven when wet” advertisements: “You can usually get $20,000 more for a Corvette that has not been driven in the rain… Only $5,000 more if it has black wheels.”

“Why do you think GM provides a waterproof car cover free with the purchase of every new C6?”

“Rain will cause them to melt!!”

Followed by: “And then you have to report it to CARFAX for a diminished value report”

And then, came the pictures…

“They actually do shrink and turn into the Saturn Sky!”

“My friend with 2 Corvetts was caught in the rain and had to walk home and get his trailer. This was him taking the rained on car home…”

Granted, on the C3 Corvette, rust does become a pretty serious concern, but we sure did get a laugh out of this thread.

Has your Corvette survived wet roads? Tell your harrowing tale on the Forums.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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