Wife Does $4,000 Worth of Damage to Husband’s Corvette

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I think it’s safe to say this marriage is well past the rocky stage.

The mere thought of tampering with your significant other’s car is enough to end a lot of relationships. But the idea of doing any serious damage to your spouse’s Corvette will likely be considered irreparable damage, regardless of how much it costs to get the car repaired.

Then again, my guess is that New Yorker Rosemarie Maggiore, who used a metal lawn ornament to scratch lines into her husband’s 2014 ‘Vette, already knew that. And she was probably just looking for a quicker way out of the marriage. How else can you explain such a crazy reaction that’s going to cost the owner about $4,000 to get fixed?

Now, that’s not to say her husband was in the right for changing the locks, which apparently is what sparked the escapade. But as the saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right, especially if one of the wrongs involves taking out your frustration on someone’s treasured Corvette.

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Corvette Vansalism Deterrent Sticker

via [SiLive.com] vandalism deterrent sticker via [Hameister]

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