C6 Corvette Modded to Look Like a C7 Listed for $40K on eBay

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Here’s a Corvette that I’m guessing will stump more than a few diehard fans. Although, I doubt that most here would even want to invest any time in trying to figure this thing out.

Fortunately, we’re used to delving into the unusual, which this concept certainly can be described as, for more reasons than one.

For starters, it’s a C6 modified to look like a C7 Stingray, with little, if any, consideration for one of the main things that makes a Corvette special: the great proportions of the American sports car. This replica, inspired by a 2009 concept, pretty much destroys those in every way imaginable.

Then there’s the fact that the owner of the replica (one of three built) actually thinks that someone would be willing to pay roughly $40,000 for the car as listed here on eBay, when you could likely pick up a preowned C7 for just about $9,000 more.

But hey, to each its own. If this is your kind of thing, you better act fast though, as the auction ends today.

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