Will C7 Corvette ZR1 Drive C6 ZR1 Prices Down Even Further?

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Depreciation, is either a wonderful thing or a headache, depending on which side of a transaction you are on. For those on the receiving end of a ZR1, depreciation has put prices at all-time lows. In this eBay ad, a low-mileage, clean-title ZR1 can now be had for almost 50% off the original MSRP.

With a starting price of nearly $120,000, the ZR1 was the ultimate version of America’s ultimate sports car. However, that’s not exactly a reasonable purchase for some of us. Well, the dreaming is over. With just 29,000 miles, this red C6 ZR1 has a buy it now price of justĀ $55,000. There’s no weird story to go along with it. It wasn’t in a wreck, a flood, or stolen by the mafia. Simply put, prices for the ZR1 are just lower than ever.

The new ZR1 might be the cause of that. For any true Corvette enthusiast, they may want the equity ready for a pre-order of the new C7 ZR1. If that means getting rid of a six-year-old car, so be it. Thankfully, that makes it a buyer’s market for anyone looking to get an incredible deal on a car that still can out-perform most comers. For that simple fact, we’ll ignore the Lambo doors.

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