Winning Legacy of Ron Fellows at Mosport Fuels Current Corvette Racing’s Drivers

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Winning Legacy of Ron Fellows at Mosport Fuels Current Corvette Racing Drivers

Ron Fellows built a name for himself with three American Le Mans Series wins in a row at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park at the turn of the century.

Now as a co-owner of the famous track, Fellows is hoping to see his successors continue the success for Corvette, which has nine Mosport Grand Prix wins over that 11-year era.

Sunday at the Mosport Grand Prix, Denmark’s Jan Magnussen, who followed Fellows in the iconic yellow Corvette, will be teaming with a new co-driver, Spain’s Antonio Garcia, and hoping for his second consecutive win at the Toronto-area track.

Magnussen is excited to be at CTMP, thanks to the legacy of Fellows.

?Having Ron with us made going to Mosport such a great place for the whole Corvette Racing team,? he said. ?His fan base in Canada is huge and it’s been great for us as a team even when he retired from driving and went into a role as a Corvette ambassador.?

It?ll be tough to follow Fellows, who after his three straight wins starting in 2001 then notched second-place finishes the next two years at Mosport.

But Magnussen says he and his teammate, along with England’s Oliver Gavin and American Tommy Milner in the second team car, will be ready for the challenge as they race in new Corvette C6.R cars.

?For sheer speed, Mosport is one of my favorite tracks,? Magnussen said. ?It’s such a fantastic feeling when you do a fast lap, because you know there is a big, big penalty for making a mistake.

?The track itself is a huge challenge. If you can make the car work well in the fast bits, you have a great chance at a podium. It’s all about making the car work for you.?

Magnussen doesn’t mind Fellows, in his new ownership role, ?doing great things with the facility, the buildings and more,? he said, ?(but) I just don’t want them to touch the track, to add chicanes in places to slow the cars down. I think the layout, including the runoff areas, are such a big part of the track’s character. Just keep the track like it is.?

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