Wisconsin Man Finds ’54 Corvette In State of Disarray

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There’s an old adage that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Now, we certainly tread lightly here calling a classic Corvette junk, which might be considered blasphemy to a lot of folks here on Corvette Forum. But I’d be willing to bet that even a few die-hard ‘Vette fans would take a pass on sifting through the parts of this weathered ’54 Corvette.


But not Larry Fisette.

As highlighted in a recent Hot Rod story, the Wisconsin man actually lives for these kind of unusual finds. Fisette, who owns De Pere Auto Center, is known in restoration circles as the man who once lucked into finding 21 trailers full of Chevrolet muscle cars and parts.

The ’54, however, might be one of his luckiest finds to date, considering the disassembled car had been sitting for 50 years when Fisette bought it.


When Fisette arrived to pick up the car, everything was spread out in two stalls of a three car garage. It took Fisette the entire day to get it all loaded onto a trailer. But surprisingly not one part was missing.

“Everything was there,” said Fisette.

I’ll certainly give Fisette one thing, he’s not short on patience. But I’m sure he’d say that all the time he spends sifting through old Corvette parts is worth every minute.

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via [Hot Rod]

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