Woman Reunited With Corvette Stingray After 43 Years

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Corvette Reunion

Moving stories about people being reunited with their Corvettes are always great, but they just don’t get much better than this.

43 years ago, Terry Dietrich’s prized Stingray was stolen from her office parking lot. But Dietrich recently got the surprise of her life when her former Allstate Insurance agent came out of retirement to hand deliver the very same stolen ‘Vette on the occassion of her 62nd birthday.

And boy was she happy, as you can see in the Today report below. Dietrich said her beloved Corvette even sounds the same.

But the fact that the car was found after being stolen back in 1972 is miracle in itself.

“I was very sad,” said Dietrich, recalling the day the Corvette was stolen. “It took me a couple years to get over that.”

Even when the car was first relocated last October, it still wasn’t clear that Dietrich would ever see it again, because the insurance company had already paid for the stolen Corvette.

But now, Dietrich is reveling in the excitement of making up for lost time with her Corvette.

“Everything is just coming back and looking so familiar,” she said. “I know it’s old. But I’m old too! We’ll grow old together.”

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