Greedy Thief Steals C3 Corvette…then Steals Gas

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C3 Corvette

If you’re going to steal a car, it’s probably not a good idea to draw more attention to yourself with yet another crime!

As much as we loathe car thieves, you’ve got to hand it to them. It takes a lot of guts (or maybe stupidity) to steal a car in the first place. Unless you’re a professional with connections, your chances of getting caught are pretty high. And then it’s off to jail, where nothing good ever happens. But when you’ve got the cojones to steal a C3 Corvette and then pull the old gas n’ go shortly thereafter, you deserve some kind of award.

That as-yet-uncategorized award goes to an unknown female in Franklin County, Missouri. According to local news outlet KMOV, the brazen thief got her hands on a 1978 25th Anniversary Edition C3 Corvette and managed to get away. But instead of taking the ‘Vette immediately to a chop shop or a waiting cargo ship, she was dumb enough to cruise around for a few days. She was spotted filling the Corvette up with gas just days later. But the kicker is, she drove off without paying for the gas, so now she’s on video!

C3 Corvette

Even better, our brazen thief didn’t even really skip town after stealing the ‘Vette. She “acquired” the car in the town of Gerald, then fueled up in Cuba, about 30 miles away. Now we’ve never thought of criminals as the sharpest tools in the shed, but this one clearly didn’t think any of this through.

Still, the C3 Corvette thief hasn’t been caught yet, despite her silly mistake, weeks later. Maybe it’s dumb luck. Or maybe she’s not as dumb as we think, after all!

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