You Won’t Believe How We Obtained These Pretty Pictures

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Chevrolet C7 Corvette

Here’s when the ever-contentious wheel debate goes right.

Usually, when a forum member asks the opinion of other members through a simple question, there are a ton of snarky responses that do everything but answer the question at hand.

Chevrolet C7 Corvette

But when Kevin A Jones, a senior member here at Corvette Forum asked what wheel finish other members preferred, something interesting happened. Members not only gave insightful answers, but some went above and beyond, providing pictures of their own vehicles as an example of why their choice is the right option.

When it comes to which wheel option Corvette Forum members prefer (between chrome, aluminum, and black), it’s a close race. At the time of writing, chrome is on top with approximately 18 votes. Black is a close second with 17 votes, Aluminum (whether it’s polished or machined) comes in last with eight votes.

We would hate to be the deciding factor in any major poll. But our opinion is that black wheels (especially on the C7 Corvette) are the bee’s knees. Yes, black can ruin the look of some ‘Vettes. But when the combination is right, nothing even comes close to looking as good.

Chevrolet C7 Corvette

Some members were kind enough to put pictures of their vehicles up for everyone to consider, which made the decision either a lot harder or much easier. Regardless of what wheel option you choose, the C7 is one handsome machine. So for owners that are interested in finding the perfect combination, play around with different setups and go with whatever you think fits best.

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