Workers Lay Asphalt for new Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

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in text NCM Motor Sports Park

Whew! There’s a sigh of relief.

With all those unbearable photos of the last Corvettes being pulled out of that sinkhole, it’s good to finally come across some shots taken in Kentucky that can help lift our spirits.

The series of images here capture workers laying the asphalt for that new Motorsports Park being built at the National Corvette Museum.

I for one wasn’t certain if the sinkhole catastrophe would wind up delaying plans for the racetrack, but everything seems to be moving along as planned.

The NCM Motorsports Park, which is sure to become a staple for Corvette enthusiasts, is scheduled to open during the 20th Anniversary Celebration at the National Corvette Museum with festivities being planned for the Labor Day Weekend (August 29 – September 1).

We certainly wish everyone the best in getting this project wrapped up. The completed track should help relieve some of the pain felt from that sinkhole.

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