World’s First Yenko Corvette Grand Sport Commands $500k

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Yenko Corvette

Sure, this special Yenko Corvette packs a legendary nameplate and tons of power. But is it worth the incredibly lofty asking price?

The new Corvette Grand Sport is a proper supercar bargain, offering up a legit track day experience for not much over $60,000. But when you attach a rather legendary name to that same car, it apparently increases the value of said Grand Sport by, uh, a lot. Like $435,000. Granted, name isn’t the only thing that separates this Yenko Corvette from a plain old GS, but its $499,900 asking price on Autotrader is still enough to make you choke on your biscotti.

In case you were wondering, that places this car a bit above Kelly Blue Book’s Fair Market Range of $60,691-$66,375. But that’s the entry price for a 475-mile Yenko Corvette, apparently. Granted, the 2017 model Yenko Corvette comes with an enlarged 6.8-liter V8 under the hood. And it produces an outstanding 800 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque. So you get an extra 340 ponies for that extra $435K. We’d do the math and tell you the horsepower per dollar ratio, but you get the point.

In all fairness, you’re also getting a pretty darn rare car. Only 50 Yenko Corvette Grand Sports were built in 2017, and this happens to be the very first one. It also proudly displays that fact with a bunch of “No. 1” nomenclature all over the place. But it’s still hard to justify the asking price given the original cost of the mods.

On top of the car’s asking price of around $65K, adding the Yenko Corvette stuff costs about $46K. This particular car has around $52,000 in mods, total. Obviously, we have no idea what the original owner paid for this thing, but we’re guessing he stands to make a buck or two. Any maybe rightfully so. Sure, the first of anything is special, and the Yenko name is a legend in the world of Chevrolet. But does that make any supercharged Corvette worth a cool half-million?

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