Would You Ever Trade Your Corvette for a Different Vehicle?

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Pontiac G8

Corvette Forum member is parting ways with his Pontiac G8, and he wants another Corvette in the stable.

Every now and then we are able to see some of the other cars that share garage space with the Corvettes of the members on our forum. To no ones surprise, they are typically another rear-wheel drive V8 car, or a GM-made SUV. Occasionally, one of those spots turns back into a parking area for a Corvette, and that’s what forum member vteckiller is aiming to do with his Pontiac G8. But it comes with a catch.

The catch is that vteckiller is ideally looking to trade his G8 for a Corvette. Preferably, they say, for one that has a manual transmission, as this G8 has an automatic. Although this car is well-loved, the lack of clutch pedal means it’s time for this car to go. If you happen to have a C5 or C6, offers will be entertained, especially if that C5 is lower mileage and Procharged. However, a C6, Camaro or CTS-V would also be entertained.

Pontiac G8

This G8 is not stock, of course, as it makes 460 horsepower and 435 lb/ft of torque. Getting the V8 to that power level is a 228/240 cam, a ported throttle body and intake, and 1-7/8 inch american racing headers. Those are the typical bolt-ons, but, additionally, displacement on demand has also been eliminated, and works with a Livernois tune. It also sits a bit better on its wheels and tires thanks to Eibach springs. However, when it comes to aesthetics, the main visual eye gament is the rare Liquid Red color, and the GXP bumpers for the front and rear of the car. LED headlights and tail lights round off the modernized look.


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So it’s a stout GM V8 car, but who would it be for? Anyone with an expanding family, of course. Having large back seats, it becomes the perfect every-day family hauler. Or it could be for someone who’s simply not interested in driving a manual transmission anymore.

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