Would You Add Weight to Your Corvette Z06?

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Want to know the easiest way to go faster? It isn’t tires, it isn’t brakes, it isn’t even adding horsepower. It’s weight reduction. If you can take out a few pounds here and there, your lap times will drop considerably. In this case, one of our forum members has done the complete opposite. He’s added weight in the form of sound deadening material.

DSOMonster has a brand new Corvette C7 Z06, which he immediately took to his local shop and had them install Dynamat all throughout the car to make the car a more livable place to be. He details the process in a thread titled, “Dynamat…ALL over the the damn place!” DSOMonster had West Coast Corvette add the sound deadening material to the wheel wells, throughout the cabin, the doors, and even the halo.

The car is dead quiet. But it raises the question: when you buy a 650-horsepower super sportscar that’s been engineered to be the fastest it can be around a race track, why would you make it slower by adding weight?

I’m not knocking the guy, but I’ve been in the C7 Corvette a few times before, and I’ve never really considered it a loud place to be. The total weight added is around 85 pounds, and with a car like this, it makes a huge difference. What do you all think? Would you ever add weight?

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