Wrecked C5 Corvette Z06 Looks like It’ll Buff Right Out

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C5 Corvette Z06

We don’t know what tried to cut this poor C5 Corvette Z06 in half. But at least the seller isn’t trying to hide anything!

If you enjoy a good laugh (and who doesn’t?), you probably find lots of humor in automobile classifieds. Especially when sellers tend to embellish the truth a tad. Thus, over the years, we’ve been treated to lots of cliche keywords that trigger all kinds of warning signs. But amazingly, you won’t find any of that in the Craigslist ad for this poor, poor C5 Corvette Z06. The seller is, incredibly enough, not trying to pull the proverbial wool over anybody’s eyes.

Which is pretty refreshing, we must say. Because there’s nothing terribly funny about this viciously wrecked C5 Corvette Z06. It seems to have taken a rather large punch to the passenger side door area. One that’s left it in a condition far beyond repair, and hopefully, left its occupants in one piece.

C5 Corvette Z06

Thus, the seller is simply trying to part his poor car out. Which is a necessary shame, because this thing looks like it was pretty clean before something else tried to cut it in half. But the wreck did leave plenty of good, usable parts here for the picking. Just be sure and bring your own tools like the ad states. Because you’ll obviously have to remove them yourself.

C5 Corvette Z06

Sadly, the engine has already been spoken for. But if you’re in the market for any other C5 goodies, you might still be in luck. Otherwise, this horrifically mangled C5 Corvette Z06 is clearly a goner. But in a way, we kinda wish the seller shared the story of how this wreck happened in the first place. Call it morbid curiosity, but it’s also nice to now just how much abuse our fiberglass wonders can withstand, too!

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