Wrecked Corvette Z06 Expensive to Repair, Worth the Effort

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Sometimes the hardest part about repairing a broken Corvette is the cost.

What’s the best part about working on a project? Putting in the work to make the build the best it can be, then showing the results to the world. What’s the worst part? Spending lots of money to make it happen. Sometimes, you can find ways to keep your wallet fuller, such as eBay or your nearest junkyard. Eventually, though, you’ll have to fork over the dough to get the best goods for your project.

This is a lesson being learned by the lads of YouTube channel goonzquad, as they continue to work on rebuilding their 2017 Corvette Z06 to better-than-new condition. To date, they’ve spent around $4,000 on various OEM and aftermarket pieces bringing the Z06 back from its previously wrecked state.

The next bits to come in from their neighborhood dealership include a pair of fenders for the front of the car, whose panel gaps are tighter than Tesla’s quality control. As the lads say, “that’s OEM parts for you right there,” something you’re going to get with the cheap aftermarket options (if such options even exist).


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“Another day, another couple of thousand down,” the duo leave the dealership to go looking for more parts from the utterly wrecked Z06 they found at their neighborhood junkyard last time around. With only a couple of tiny hand tools, they were able to get a new button for the left side of the steering wheel, plus a couple of airbag clips for the replacement airbag due to arrive any day.

Sure enough, the UPS truck arrives with not only the airbag, but also a frame for the radiator, secondary radiator, and intercooler, and an aftermarket air intake system to give their Z06 more air to breathe.

2017 Corvette Z06

With most of everything passing inspection, the boys go to work attaching the cold-air intake to the supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8, then install their new airbag with the fresh clips from the trashed white Z06. They then go over what they’ve ordered for their build, stating the parts are pretty pricey. But thanks to their relationship with the dealership, they were able to get their needed parts for the net price instead of the list price. In short, “if you get good connections, you become friends with them, they will hook you up, so be sure to have friends in high places.”

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