Wrecked Z06 spotted in Chicago

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Personally, this one is painful for me to look at. The idea of seeing a wrecked new Z06 sitting on a flatbed truck driving down the road is like watching someone’s charred remains cruising around in a convertible hearse.

It’s almost unthinkable for die-hard Corvette enthusiasts. Then again, I guess one person’s misery can be another’s source of entertainment, which probably explains the popularity of reality shows.

The Z06 was spotted on the freeway in Chicago, and while some have speculated it could be the car that crashed at the Nürburgring weeks ago, I would think GM would have a bit more respect for its fallen hero than that.

While seeing that wrecked Z06 on a flatbed might seem like a small thing to some, it could be pretty detrimental to a Corvette fan.

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Source [Top Speed]

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