You Probably Don’t Want Drilled Rotors on Your Corvette

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If there’s one thing that surprises me the most, it’s that regular steel-drilled rotors are still on the market. Most notably, my surprise stems from the fact they are highly prone to failure when used heavily, such as at a track day. In the video below, the guys at Engineering Explained dive into the reasons why this happens, but the quick explanation for the failures is that you’re drilling through structural material and making it weaker. If you need an example, just do a quick image search for “drilled rotor cracked.”

If it’s coming time┬áto change your rotors out, just get a slotted set. Corvette equips the new Grand Sport with slotted rotors. Yes it also has drilled rotors, but those are carbon ceramic and have completely different heat properties than a steel rotor.

What isn’t pointed out here is the fact that your fluid is a much larger contributor to fade than your rotors. Mineral-based DOT4 fluid is usually the standard. However, if you’re really looking to minimize brake fade, a complete system overhaul to silicone base will get you that firm pedal you need.

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