You Really Need This Rare C4 Callaway Speedster!

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Limited production of just 10 examples means you won’t find one of these for sale anytime soon.

Callaway’s open-top C4 toy, the speedster, was one of a few C4 offerings from Callaway and happens to be the rarest. This silver-on-turquoise example is the eighth produced out of a total of 10 and has modest power by today’s measure at 345 horsepower. Torque takes that number and adds 120, for a total of 465 lb-ft.

This car was, of course, a sister car to the Super Speedster, which birthed a pair of turbos for additional. However, this version breathes the same air as you and me, thus the lower power rating. It does share the same body kit with the iconic Callaway Sledgehammer, however, which only adds to its supremeĀ ’80s coolness. Furthering things that would only come from the 80’s is the turquoise interior.

Furthering things that would only come from the 80’s is the turquoise interior. Leather of that color covers not only the seats but also the steering wheel, dashboard, shifter boot, doors, center console, A/B pillars, rear bulkhead and more.

If you can get past the color combination, you’ll be pleased to know the car is in pretty much excellent condition. You’ll just have to bid a 6-digit number to get anywhere close to getting the reserve.

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Our only question for the eBay seller: Why weren’t any pictures taken of the engine? That’s nearly the whole point of the car!

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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