YouTube Actor Allows Homeless Man to Drive His C7 Corvette

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Homeless Man & C7

There’s a part of me that’s always a little skeptical when someone films themselves giving back to the community.

Take for example, YouTube prankster Drey of “DreyAnVic” uploading the video below where he lets a homeless guy drive his C7. It just seems a little self-serving if you ask me, especially given the title, “Letting Homeless Man Drive My Corvette.”

The fact that Drey never reiterates the homeless man’s name after finding out it’s Larry also makes me a little leery of the ultimate goal here: is Drey helping someone or growing viewership?

Or perhaps both?

To his defense, Drey does buy Larry food and get him and his friend a room for the night, which I imagine he probably appreciated a lot more than that Corvette drive, as thrilling at it might’ve been. And at the end of the day, if it did help brighten Larry’s day then the good outweighs any potentially self-serving intentions on Drey’s part.

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via [DreyAnVic]

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