YouTuber Takes an ‘Insane’ Spin in the New ZR1

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There’s a reason why the ZR1 has a hyped following on the Internet.

With ZR1 hysteria in full-swing, it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere within the Corvette community without hearing something about GM’s new supercar. Crazy top speeds, crazy lap times, insane horsepower, you name it. It’s the ultimate headline-grabber. That’s why YouTuber Matt Maran was eager to get his hands on one.

Maran, of course, goes into quite a bit of detail about the ZR1, but it’s in the closing segments of the video where he speaks about one interesting aspect of the Corvette. He points out, “it may very well be one of the highest horsepower manual transmission regular production cars.” Of course, he acknowledges that Koenigsegg has a higher horsepower manual, but that’s a car into the hypercar elite territory, not a $120,000 daily driver.

That’s always been the Corvette’s party piece, though. Being unbelievably cheap compared to its competitors while being faster, and now with the ZR1, arguably a nice place to be. Finding faults with the ZR1 seems to be nearly impossible, because with all the attention it has been getting, if there was some glaring error, we’d have heard it by now. GM deserves immense credit for hitting that sweet spot of price, performance, value and every day drivability. It may be a strange comparison to make, but the last car to take that exact same fight to the European exotics was the original NSX.

One YouTuber taking advantage of this hype is StreetSpeed717. This exact orange ZR1 is parked among his collection of high-performance cars. We’ve already covered his break-in period procedure (donuts included), and it seems his generosity is paying dividends for his social media outreach. Just one orange ZR1 has accumulated over 4.5 million views for that channel alone. We don’t expect the hype to calm down any time soon.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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