YouTuber’s Cheap C5 Corvette Z06 Project Car Finally Runs Again!

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From cheap cammed Corvette to swapping in a new motor, this blogger has gotten the full experience.

One of the YouTube channels we follow is Garage Topics, hosted by Michael Seymour. He’s just a regular guy who’s owned his fair share of normal cars. Late last year, however, he was considering buying an E46 BMW and LS-swapping it. Though a wonderful recipe for much more reliable power, and much more power to boot, than the ordinary BMW mils, Seymour had an epiphany.

Why not consider a Corvette? Shoot, why not a rebuilt C5 Z06? He looked around and found the one you see in the video, which had been involved in a crash and was rebuilt. The previous owner had pictures of the damage, which was mostly cosmetic, so Seymour got himself a cammed Z06 for about $10,000. Wonder how it got spun in the first place…

C5 Z06 Engine Swap videos

So, naturally he made a video titled, “I Bought the Cheapest Cammed C5 Z06 in America.” Roughly a month later he made, “I Bought a C5 Z06 with a Blown Engine.” Ouch. The video above is the culmination of that effort to bring the Z06 back to life with a fresh engine. The process is both realistic and encouraging. Don’t underestimate the helpfulness of a friend and some patience.

C5 Z06 Engine Swap

“I’ve been slowly working an hour or two after work each day,” he explains. The process of getting the engine built and installed took him about four months. While it’s not as exciting as some of those YouTube channels where they build something new every episode, it’s more realistic. I don’t know many people who’ve had drama-free projects. Give this video a watch for a little encouragement to get in the garage with your own projects!

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