Z06 Corvette Gaps Much More Powerful Turbo Mustang

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N/A Z06 Corvette proves that boost and absolute power aren’t everything. Especially on the streets!

Turbos are usually a good thing. They suck air and force it into your engine, which helps create big power. Pretty simple, right? Well, there is one big problem with that idea. If you go too big, it takes a second for those massive turbos to spool up. And we get a shining example of that in this video from¬†StreetScienceTX¬†which depicts a turbo’d Mustang going up against a built, naturally-aspirated Z06 Corvette.

The S550 Mustang in question is running a stock bottom end with a single, massive Precision 8685 huffer. It makes a claimed 740 hp on E85, which is undoubtedly stout. Compare that to the Z06 Corvette, which features forged LS7 bits, ported stock heads, a bigger cam, E85, and an MSD intake. Output is quite inferior to the Mustang at 611 ponies, but as we all, know, that isn’t the whole story.

S550 Mustang

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And the flavor today is embarrassment for the boosted ‘Stang. The first test is a 60-150 run, where the Z06 Corvette leaps out on the Mustang and stays there until the very end. Adding 5 mph on the top end results in pretty much the same exact ending. So the Mustang takes on a Caddy CTS-V next, one that produces around 600 hp.

Z06 Corvette

Embarrassingly enough, the Cadillac doesn’t fare much worse. All of which proves an important point, of course. Top end horsepower isn’t everything. But according to the poster, this was the Mustang’s first time out testing the setup, and he didn’t brake boost. Reportedly, the car fared much better with that and a little practice and tuning. So perhaps we’ll see a rematch in the near future?

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