Watch a C6 Z06 Put Up Supercar Performance Numbers

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If this video doesn’t convince you that you need a C6 Z06 in your life, we really don’t know what will. 

Fun fact: Did you know you can option a Chevy Cruze hatchback to the point where it rings up at over $30,000? Yep, it’s true. The Cruze is a fine little runabout, but if you’re looking for genuine performance, you’ll probably find that it’s a little lacking. So if you’ve got 30-large in your pocket and want a Chevy, why don’t you try something a little different – like, say, a gently used C6 Corvette Z06?

ZentRose's modified Corvette C6 Z06.

The C6 Z06 is reaching the bottom of its depreciation curve. For sellers, it’s a dark time. But for potential buyers, the world is your oyster. As YouTube personality ZentRose says: “Going 200 miles per hour in a street-legal car has never been more accessible to the average consumer. A clean C6 Corvette Z06 can now be found for under $30,000.” That alone is a reason to celebrate. But as he also points out: “And with a stock top speed of just under 200 miles per hour, the Z06 becomes a great choice.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those buy-and-go situations. Some work needs to be done to coax the Z06 from its claimed 198 mile-per-hour top speed up past the 200 mark. But with some intermediate-level work, it’s still possible to do on a budget.

ZentRose bought this clean Z06 with the purpose of turning it into a high-speed run car. Beginning with the engine, his Z06 swaps out the stock heads, cam, intake, exhaust, and adds an E85 fuel system. That alone boosts horsepower to around 600 ponies, up from the stock 505.

From there, he swaps the fifth and sixth gear ratios for the ones found on the ZR1. This not only allows for better high-speed runs but makes the car more drivable around town. High-temperature brake pads and brake fluid are added too.

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So do we get to see this red Z06 hit that magic number? Well, no. But to that, ZentRose says: “I wouldn’t attempt it without a cage, a harness, a halo seat, a helmet, and a HANS device.” These are, of course, very valid points.

Instead, we get to watch as he runs the car to a respectable 180 miles per hour. As it rockets across the dry California lake bed, it certainly looks like it wants to keep pulling. But with all that power, the car still needs some work. ZentRose found that coming to a stop after the run cracked the stock brake rotors.

Still, he concludes: “What was more incredible was how stable this car was all the way up to that speed. The stability that you feel in the Corvette inspires confidence to drive all the way up to 200. But the problem here is that that’s where the accidents happen.”

We’re hoping that he ends up making that run. And in the meantime, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to post updates on his seriously quick budget Z06.

James Derek Sapienza is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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