Z06 Rear Brake Duct Install on a Regular C5

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First step is to plan your entire job out before you do anything! Know
what you are doing and what result you want. You are going to be cutting
into the SMC of the car, and once you cut there’s no turning back!
You’ve got to do it right the first time! For those of you still with me,
here we go.
1. Tape of the area where the “scoop” will go.

The place your template on the taped off area, being sure to line it up
perfectly along the top, left & right edges. Tape it onto the taped off

Trace your line around the scoop cutout of the template and mark the 4
holes for the bolts.
4. Remove the template. You’re now ready to
cut. I prefer using a Dremel tool for this cut! Below you will see the 2
bits I used for the cut!

bottom bit did most of the cutting. Top one cleaned up the corners and
5. Cut the scoop hole and drill the 4 bolt holes.

6. Be
sure to wear a mask over your nose and mouth, it gets dusty, big time as
you can see.

just from cutting the first side.
7. Get rid of the tape, clean it
all up and your ready to proceed. Whew.

The inner wheel well liner has to be removed to get to the bolts and put
on the nuts. Put the 4 nuts on the back of the scoop and tighten

adding the duct work, keep going. If only adding the outside scoops, put
the wheel well liner back and you’re done!
9. Time to make room in
the wheel well liner for the duct to come through.
The stock liner that is in the 2001 and newer Coupe and
Convertible has faint lines scribed in them to show you exactly where to
cut for the duct to come through.
I cut my liners along those lines and
they were a perfect fit.
Below are BEFORE & AFTER pictures of the

As you can see, following the lines
scribed on the liner works out just perfect.

10. Next step
is fun (not really) You have to put the liner and the duct into the car,
both simultaneously. This was a real pain but after about 15 minutes of
maneuvering them together I got them in place! Then reattach the screws
that held the liner in place. One of those screws will also be used to
hold the duct in place. It will be obvious which one. When you get to
that screw be sure the screw passes through the duct work tab, then the
wheel liner then into the frame in that order. Below are three pictures of
the wheel well, first before removal of the liner, then with it removed,
then with it reinstalled with the duct installed.

11. Put the wheel on and you are either done the
job or ready to move around to the other side of the car and do this all
over again!
Any questions, I�d be happy to answer and/or help you
out! You can e-mail me
[email protected]

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