Z06 Mules Spotted at Tail of the Dragon. New Z06 Variant? ZR1?

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Corvette Z06 Camouflage (1)

We’ve spotted two Corvette Z06 mules at the Tail of the Dragon. These pictures were recently posted by “Scudzey” on Imgur. New Z06 variant? The next ZR1? What is GM hiding from us? We are finding out, and we’ll be updating this post throughout the day.

UPDATE: Here’s what the forum is saying about this mule:

JoesC5: “[The car above] appears to be a base Z06, as it has the front splitter without the ‘fangs’ and no running boards and the base steel brake rotors. The base Z06 uses the Z51 rear spoiler, but this one has the rear spoiler from the next-step-up aero package.”
TractionControlOff: Maybe it’s a new Z06 Carbon variant? The wheels are what triggered that thought. Probably more carbon fiber, possibly lighter … stripped out a bit?

There are also reports that Chevrolet has neglected to remove the camo from Z06 mules, even though they have no reason to keep the cars cloaked in psychedelic livery … or maybe they do have a reason to keep the cars wrapped in LSD-influenced vinyl, and they are just saying they have foregone the camo removal to throw us off.

At the very least, this is just routine last-minute Corvette Z06 testing at one of the best stretches of road in America. If that’s all these”spy shots” have captured, I’m fine with that, too.

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images [Scudzey on Imgur]

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