Corvette Z06 Takes on Aventador in ‘Top Gear’ Cover Story

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Top Gear Cover

We’re still waiting to get our hands on an official copy of the mag, but if this tease is any indication of what’s inside the new Top Gear issue, then you can count us all in here at Corvette Forum.

The June issue features the Corvette Z06 going head-to-head against the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 Roadster on a road trip here in the States.

In typical tease fashion, the story, titled “Open Fire,” doesn’t offer up any serious info on how the Z06 fared against the Italian supercar, but it does say, “both deliver on the looks front,” and “both are ridiculously fast.”

We’ll be providing a full assessment of the Top Gear review later, once we’ve had a chance to go through the piece in its entirety and dissect it. But we’re expecting a fair review based on some of the mag’s previous comments about the new Z06. So stay tuned!

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