Brutal C7 Z06 Takes on Monstrous Twin Turbo Denali

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Late Model Racecraft finds out if their twin-turbo Denali can hold the might of their own 800 horsepower C7 Z06.

Tuning shop Late Model Racecraft is known for building the kind of cars that can scare the pants off people. Their goal is simply to create the best and fastest vehicles on the street while also providing maintenance service for your cars. From this video on their YouTube channel, you can see they aren’t playing around when it comes to horsepower.

These are two truly loud and rapid builds. And one of them is a damn luxury spec truck. Something that should not be taking our breath away. Their 800 horsepower C7 Z06 package is comprehensive and runs from from spark plugs to cold air induction to a supercharger upgrade, a cam, ECM programming, and everything in between. They have packages for varying levels of horsepower for C6 and C7 Corvettes as well as other cars and, yes, trucks and SUVs.

LMR 800 Corvette C7 Z06 vs. Late Model Racecraft twin-turbo Denali truck

They advertise the 1000 horsepower packages for trucks, but this twin-turbo Denali is supposedly in the jaw-dropping 1300 wheel horsepower range. So, to see what the Denali can do, it’s lined up against the C7Z for a series of roll races. And, well, it doesn’t go great for the Corvette. To be frank, seeing a GMC truck walk away from a modified C7 Z06 hurts the mind.

To get to 1000 horsepower with the trucks, Late Model Racecraft uses methanol-injection, bespoke cylinder heads, and, normally, a supercharger. But, for this heavyweight lump of brutality, there are two turbos installed to take care of the forced induction. We can would bet that planting your foot down results in the fuel gauge going down as fast as the MPH needle rises. It’s not hard to imagine how much fun that level of power is in something that nobody will see coming and weighs as much as a house.

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