Z06 vs Porsche GT2 Race Stirs Debate on Corvette Forum

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Z06 vs GT2

You be the judge: is this poor shifting or a flat out beat down in this race between a C7 Z06 and a Porsche GT2?

On second thought, beat down isn’t quite a fair assessment, regardless of where you place the blame, as Corvette Forum member, FourOneFive, points out in the thread where he’s first shared the video below.

“The Z06 seemed to leave the light a bit before the GT2, but when he shifted, he didn’t get back on the throttle for a good 1/2 second or so (you can hear it in the video),” writes FourOneFive. “Not sure if the Porsche was stock, and even though the Z lost, it was still a good race.”

The bigger debate brewing here on Corvette Forum, however, is whether the GT2 is stock or modified.

“Definitely not a stock GT2,” writes member, Dcpatters.

“Why is it when the C7 Z06 loses, it’s because the driver is either 70+ years (LOL) and/or the other car is heavily modified?” asks JoesC5.

One thing’s for certain, there has to be some reasonable explanation for those ten or so seconds where the GT2 closes in to take the race. And my guess is that there’ll be a lot more members chiming in on this one in the days to come.

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