Z51 Package C4 Corvette Makes Our Rad Dreams Come True

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The Z51 pack included bigger brakes, quicker steering, wider wheels, and stiffer springs & sway bars, making this one killer-handling ‘Vette. 

C4 Corvettes might just be the bargain of the used car market right now, and this particularly nice Z51-package car is the proof in the pudding. At just $5950, this gorgeous blue beauty would make a good first (or eighth) Corvette in your garage. Being that it is a 1988 model, it’s got a reasonable and reliable 245 horsepower from its L98 engine. That engine, it should be said, received a rebuild just 20,000 miles ago, and the seller indicates that everything seems to be in perfect working order.


If you’re going to go out looking for a nice C4-generation car, obviously a Grand Sport, a ZR-1, or a 1996 model with the LT4 engine would top the charts for desirability, but you’re also going to pay a premium for one of those. As the C4 generation wore on, the Z51/Z07 package actually got a bit softer, so to find a nice early one like this with the stiffest springs and sway bars ever offered on a C4 Corvette is absolutely choice of the litter. Admittedly, we’d prefer to find one with these options with the 4+3 manual transmission, but this car is still alright as an automatic.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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