ZR1 Goes Up Against ‘Sketchy Vert’ T/A in Drag Race

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You’re forgiven for being just a little skeptical as to how the drag race below between a ZR1 and a supercharged T/A called “Sketchy Vert” might play out.

Of course, a name like “Sketchy” tends to cause people to be a little cautious. But oddly enough, it winds up making for a pretty interesting matchup. Well, for the most part – give or take a few misfires by the ZR1.

At 650 horsepower, the ZR1 owner suspects that his ‘Vette is pretty evenly matched against the T/A, which has about 560-whp and 540 lb-ft of torque, according to the driver.

The nickname “Sketchy” comes from the lack of traction control on the convertible Transam and the driver’s rep for not pulling his foot off the throttle, which you get a pretty good sense of in the vid, posted by 1320 Video.

The ZR1 then goes on to do battle with a 650-hp turbo Camaro in the clip, which also makes for some pretty entertaining runs.

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