Corvette ZR1 for Sale, Only 127 Miles!

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Until the existence of the C7 Z06, the most incredible and powerful Corvette ever created was the C6 ZR1. Its supercharged LS9 motor dumped 638 horsepower to the rear wheels exclusively through a six-speed manual transmission. It was a glorious piece of machinery when it was launched.

Now with the new Z06 on the market, ZR1 prices have taken a bit of a hit, and you can grab them for astonishingly low prices. Right now in the Corvette Forum, there is a 2012 ZR1 with the 3ZR equipment package and Blade Silver paint for the low, low price of just $77,500.

Oh, did I mention the darn thing only has 127 miles on it? That must make this the saddest ZR1 ever.

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Now I am not entirely sure how any human being could own what was the greatest Corvette ever created and just never drive it, but this seems to be the case. The car was sold at Reliable Chevy in Missouri, and just two years later, with basically no miles on it, the car is now back on the lot. If you want one hell of a car for what is basically pennies, considering its $126k list price, just hit our forums and check out the ad.

Seriously though, only 127 miles? How is that even possible? Did he just drive it straight home from the dealer, then drive it back in to sell? If I had a ZR1, I’d need a new set of tires by the time I hit 127 miles, and it would likely have more than 60k on it in two years.

Oh well, it’s a bargain deal for someone else, someone who will hopefully put the machine to good use.

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