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[ANSWERED] How do the Various PTM Modes Change Parameters When in Track Mode

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Originally Posted by truth.b View Post
As an engineer, its threads like this that remind me of how amazing corvette forum truly is.
Exactly, what I was thinking.

Great information from the Corvette team
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Originally Posted by Nosferatu View Post
this was an excellent read I enjoyed going through it
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Well this helps explain why I was getting horrible times using launch control on a cement surface while in track PTM mode.
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Excellent stuff - thank you Alex.
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This is amazing information.........very well written. Technical stuff in laymans terms.
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So what happens if you turn off Traction Control and Active Handling ?
I notice when you use Sport2 or Race mode within Track setting,
the TC and AH lights both come on to indicate they are disabled.

So I put mine into Track mode, then turn off TC and AH.
And I have a terrible time trying to accelerate out of corners.
The rear end just steps out and comes around... quickly... with no
opportunity to counter-steer.

If I try to use Track/Race, there is a huge amount of interference to the engine power.
My times are actually better when I turn all the nannies off.

This is for Autocross... I cannot do Track days, since mine is a convertible.
But we autocross a LOT.... 29 events this year alone.

For a good nice warm day, using R888 tires, and on a course designed for Miatas,
(lots of turns), what would be recommended settings ?
I've spent more than a year, and spent lots of $$$ on sway bars, and alignment,
and wider wheels/tires, trying to solve this issue.

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Originally Posted by LrgZ51 View Post
I've been waiting for this mostly complete description for a long time. It's been nearly a year since I personally talked to Alex about PTM at the NCM anniversary. Someone also needs to tell the guys at Spring Mountain that yes the MRC does change with PTM mode (I got into an argument with one of the instructors about that).

The only thing that is missing is that although Alex indicates that ABS is never disabled, it's calibration does change with the mode; it's going to kick in earlier and more agressively in Wet as compared to Race.

Alex also told me that PTM on the C7 is very similar to its implementation on the Camaro ZL1. See http://youtu.be/jHeCT8k2LrA (tried to add as a link on my original edit but it crashed on my phone!)
What do you know about that. 2 years later and I got into the same discussion in a classroom session. They still don't know the PTM modes change the MRC.
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