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Question for Tadge concerning July 22nd Comments on C7 ZO6 "Retrofit"

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Default Question for Tadge concerning July 22nd Comments on C7 ZO6 "Retrofit"

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    Schoony , Yesterday 05:49 PM
    Almost a year ago July 22nd, 2016. A article on "the truth about cars" by Steph Willems dated July 22nd, 2016. Called "Chevrolet Rolls Out Overheating Fix for Corvette ZO6". Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter , Speaking to Autoblog, Said Chevrolet will offer the improvements to existing owners, in addition to applying them to the 2017 Corvette ZO6. The modifications won't change the model's beastly power rating - they'll just keep temperatures below warning levels when on the track in hot weather. "We intend to have the new hardware as a relatively straightforward retrofit to existing cars," he said " We'll announce timing and pricing as we get closer to the restart of ZO6 production". Obviously, since it is June of 2017 and they are selling 2017 ZO6 Corvette's with the superior changes to the supercharger cooling system along with reduced engine temperatures. Why wouldn't I believe the complete statement that the Chief Engineer stated in July 22nd, 2016 to Autoblog? It's true that my ZO6 engine temperatures run within the normal 220,. My issue is with the supercharger that creates significant Heat Soak and dramatically reduces the Horsepower on my 2015 ZO6. I have been patiently waiting for GM to offer a fix to owners like myself. As to a retrofit to actually enjoy all of the performance the vehicle is capable of! Does it really take an entire year to offer a fix to the heat soak problem? All you need to do is look at the 2017 ZO6 Supercharger system. It has significantly better and more effective Supercharger cooling components! Is there the "Retrofit" available to reduce supercharger Heat Soak?
  • I would consider paying a nominal amount of money to Upgrade/Update my Supercharger Cooling System. As you have done for the 2017 ZO6 Corvette Supercharger Cooling system.
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In before the lock! LOL

Tadge has already answered numerous questions about overheating and oil coolers. JVP already said we have beat this to death so no more questions about it, and I agree. Enough already..

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  • Question for Tadge concerning July 22nd Comments on C7 ZO6 "Retrofit"
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