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Motor Oil "Wear Test" and "Lab Test" Data

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Default Testimonial Backing-Up My Engineering Test Data

A June 2018 Testimonial regarding Amsoil 5W30 Signature Series, was sent by one of my Blog readers from Greece, which PROVED ONCE AGAIN that my motor oil Engineering Test Data "EXACTLY MATCHES" real world racing experience, and that you absolutely DO NOT need high zinc levels for incredible wear protection, as I have always said. It also proves ONCE AGAIN, that all my critics are DEAD WRONG, and have no idea what they are talking about, regarding motor oil and its performance capabilities. If you want the FACTS about motor oil, you need to read my Blog. The link is below.

For reference, at the time of this writing Amsoil 5W30 Signature Series low zinc oil, produced 134,352 psi, and is ranked 2nd for oils "just as they come, right out of the bottle" (only Amsoil 0W20 Signature Series, was able to slightly beat it), out of 223 oils tested so far. And Amsoil 10W30 Dominator Racing high zinc oil, produced a far lower 97,118psi, is ranked 62nd. The higher the psi value an oil can produce, the better the wear protection. Here is what he said in his Testimonial:


Hi (again) 540 Rat,

I ‘ve seen several times, as a Rally spectator ‘n’ fan, a Skoda Fabia S2000 participating in Greek Rally Championship, sponsored by Amsoil, and after reading your blog, the question “which specific Amsoil do they use, in a N/A 1,996 cc = racing motor running up to 9500r.p.m. and approx. 300hp…” emerged. So, I took myself to the service park with the intention to ask team engineers about that. In fact, I didn’t need to do so, because I saw them in an oil change using Amsoil 5W30 Signature Series oil, instead of Amsoil Dominator Racing oil. I found that this was kind-a-weird, so I decided to ask them “why so”.

Chief engineer told me that every time they need to rebuild the engine, they measure accurately, all geometric parameters such as clearances, ring’s width, cams heights etc. in order to replace if something was out of specs, and after 3800 racing kms (2000+miles), they decided to use Amsoil 5W30 Signature Series oil, because all mentioned components’ wear was close to non-measurable from one to the next rebuild procedure.

In fact, that’s -in my opinion- another proof that your data are “online” with real world’s facts. Of course, a high pressure oil pump and FIA approved oil cooler are provided. But apart from these, it’s still a highly stressed engine, revving most of its lifespan between 6,000 and 9,500 rpm, “feeding” via gearbox all 4 wheels.

The question remains: why not use Amsoil Dominator Racing oil...

(To mention rally team’s name, in order to avoid “suspicious minds” from “bad thoughts”: “Cabilis Performance”)

Keep doing great things,


My final comment about this Testimonial: Amsoil Signature Series low zinc oil has performed far better than Amsoil Dominator Racing high zinc oil, in my Engineering tests. So, the obvious choice is their Signature Series low zinc oil, if you want the absolute best wear protection. Perhaps this Race Team has been reading my Blog.

540 RAT

For the truth about motor oil wear protection, that is not just opinion or theory, see my "TECH FACTS, NOT MYTHS" Blog, which now has over 460,000 views worldwide. You can see the Blog and my entire 223 motor oil “Wear Protection Ranking List”, which is "proven" by the Physics and Chemistry involved, and EXACTLY matches real world severe over-heating experience, real world Track experience, real world flat tappet break-in experience, and real world High Performance Street experience (test data validation doesn’t get any better than this), along with additional motor oil tech FACTS, by going to the Blog link below. Credentials, methodology, proof, facts, data, Industry endorsements, real world validation, etc, are all included in the Blog. See for yourself, the engine you save may be your own.
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OMG, the flagship oil line from one of the top synthetic oil companies is actually good oil. Who knew?

The manufacturer Amsoil describes that oil as both having a strong film strength and robust anti-wear additives which goes directly against your claims about film strength being the only factor that matters.

Also, that's not a testimony. It's just 3rd party hearsay. I would have thought you'd know the difference.
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Wow, but no surprise. The preference of engine oils seems to be driven mostly by historical usage, marketing hype, and Internet drive. Released tech data is basically marketing data not true tech info (or complete tech data). The discussion will continue from now on. Its interesting, but not statistically significant.
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Originally Posted by 540 RAT View Post
4. 10W30 Amsoil Z-Rod Oil = 95,360 psi
(8.2% below no.1)
zinc = 1431 ppm
total detergent = 2927 ppm
detergent ppm/zinc ppm ratio =2.0

Thanks ... I had just sent to Amsoil their recc as the "finder" starts at 1980 year models.

Was looking at this very oil on the their website with an EaO filter. From others I've seen here on the site, looks like the "shorty" filter is installed. Can the "full quart" size be used on a C3? (specifically a '71?)

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Valvoline Technology, product development, testing, and application.
This video is a bit dated but still is applicable to the development process.

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Hi Rat

Thanks for the Data. I'll take data over opinion every time.

My question deals with the long term testing.

My apologies if this has been covered in the previous 17 pages of this forum, but since most of us don't change our oil every quarter mile, do you have any data covering the oils after a few thousand miles?

I have to wonder if the best oils when new, turn into the worst oils after 2k miles.

Thx for your time.
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