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New Car - AC R12 Leak - need advice


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Originally Posted by ihatebarkingdogs View Post
Are you certain that the system has always been R12? The concern is the oil type. If a system is converted to R134 and the oil changed to Ester, fine. If the refrigerant is converted back to R12, the oil can stay Ester. No problem. BUT if you now change the compressor, and use Mineral oil in the new compressor, but the desiccant still contains Ester, it will make a mess.

There is no way to really know what the oil situation is. When I approach a deal like this I change the compressor, accumulator, and orifice tube. I check the orifice tube for metal debris on the screen, and if found, I may change the condenser and flush the lines as well.

I put 3oz of oil in the compressor and 4oz in the new accumulator. Then nitrogen check (as mentioned), evacuate and recharge. I also verify the compressor cycling cut-out pressure switch adjustment is correct for the refrigerant being used. 25-26psi for R-12, 20psi for R-134. The older switches are adjustable, so check it. Particularly with R-134.

There's some highlights. I'd also recommend hiding some replacement refrigerant in the car when it ships. It's probably cheaper over here than in Ireland.
Don't shops have some sort of gizmo to check which you have? Assuming it is either R134A or R12? Any idea how much they can tell? IOW can they tell whether it is R134A or R12 only or can they tell if you have installed some other stuff you get to substitute?
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Originally Posted by aklim View Post
Blowing warm air might work in FL. IDK. I would think blowing warm air that is drier might be a plus. Ireland is a bit cooler than FL too
Vette is in NY
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Originally Posted by Cruisinfanatic View Post
Vette is in NY
My bad. Confused with another AC post Still, it is cool in NY
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Originally Posted by Cruisinfanatic View Post
My 85's defrost worked perfectly fine with a non cooling ac
I believe you. That isn't "proof" however, of your claim. You gathered some erroneous anecdotal evidence from a car that was broken, and drew an erroneous conclusion.

For sure, with broken AC, you select "defrost" and air blows out the defrost vent....and your w/s will defrost -just the same as with any car that doesn't have a AC.

BUT, when you select defrost the HVAC air is ducted over the AC evaporator; with the broken AC, the evaporator isn't doing anything, but if it were functioning correctly, the evaporator would condense moisture in the air on it's outer surface, and that would run down and drip on the ground. The air that has passed over the functioning evaporator is dried air...which defrosts your glass faster and better. An air conditioner is also an air drier there therefore, improves the effectiveness of the defrost function. On cars with AC, the AC most definitely DOES run when the defrost is selected.
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Ac help cant find leak. Anyone here got any ideas. 1993 c4

hey need help im not up on vettes and i am running out of ideas so shooting this off a few people

1993 corvette

plan a replaced hi lo recharged ac errors gone evac recharge. Ac leaked with dye nothing showed
did recharge 2 more times same

plan b shot in lots of dye directly rechrage failed

plan c shot in 4 oz with helium under high preasure system ran did not like it but ran all leaked out no sign of uv dye

plan d shot in 4 more oz making roughly 10 oz of uv dye in system. Slowly leaking down.

I pulled blower motor resistor and can see down into one side of evaperator core no sign of issues or dye

i can see every hose and joint no sign of of dye

i can see back side of condensor between radiator and core no sign of dye.

Can make run jumper wise to circulate but no sign of dye coming out anyplace. And im using a comercial uv light. It works you can see it all over everything but car. Checked ac vents.

Need help here someone tell me where this leak might be.

Can someone also tell me if this is an r12 or 134a car. Fittings are weird and red one does not fit nor does it fit with adapter and that fitting in line does not fit r12 but will use an adpater however adapter does not work to get preasure.

Charging from line on accumulator tank.

Going to recheck after dark for any slight traces but this has to be a whole of some kind it leaks over a few hours.

I thought maybe not ciruclating and dye is just sitting there without it running. I can force it to engage sure it has oil in it

when charged with ac 134a compressor works flawlessly and ice cold.
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