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Waste oil ...

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Originally Posted by flannel_man View Post
Let me explain. Used oil (motor, transmission, Power steering, mineral) gravity filtered down to 10 microns, ran thru a homemade centrifuge, with rare earth magnets along each step, then diluted in 4 to 1 ratio with diesel, which I then pour in my 7.3L powerstroke's fuel tank. Engine even runs quieter.

This is interesting. Can you give us a little more detail? How much did the equipment cost to do this?
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I burn it in a Lanair furnace to heat the shop.
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The 1st stage i do is pouring the oil into a 5 gal bucket, not as easy as it sounds. I have 5 layers of paper towels bungied over the top of the bucket making about a 3" deep basket for the oil. It takes about 2 hours for 1 quart to filter thru this. I'll pour oil in the top whenever i remember for about a week or two.

1 1/2" up from the bottom of this bucket i have a 1/4" pipe coming out the side to a ball valve. The bottom of the bucket has rare earth magnets glued to it facing up to attract what metal they can. I let this bucket set for 1 month without adding any more oils so any non magnetic metal or solids can settle to the bottom, the pipe above the bottom helps heavy stuff not rush out like it would if the pipe were on the bottom.

Then i open the ball valve. This goes thru a 5 micron "bypass" oil filter, which comes out above another bucket. 2-4 days later the bucket has gravity filtered into the next bucket (vs being forced thru the media like an engine would with 10-40psi of pressurised oil) and i close that ball valve, wipe the bottom clean of all the fine magnetic fuzzies n clumps, replace paper towels, then start refilling the top bucket.

The second bucket is nearly identical to the 1st except there is no paper towel filter on top. Once it has set for a few weeks i open up its ball valve, i rarely need to clean the bottom unlike the first bucket's. At one time i attempted to gravity feed this bucket thru multiple sub micron iv drip filters for about 1/2 cent each in bulk online, but the filters clogged daily filtered insanely slow and i wasn't patient enough to wait a few months for this step.

The next step is to remove the water. Some people online will take a large cast iron skillet to a electric hot plate and raise the temp around 250 to boil it out. Others use a centrifuge. Fairly easy to make one from an old torque converter and an electric motor. This will separate water and some weird sludge stuff from the oil. After this point you can mix a few gallons of oil with a cup of gasoline to lower its viscosity and make it less sticky. I prefer to filter it thick n sticky than thin n slippery, then add gas after its all filtered and "clean" YMMV

Next I'll mix it with a touch of diesel in a 5 gal jug to help premix it and lower its viscocity even more. Next time at the pump dump the 5 gal jug in first, then pump in about 30 gal of diesel till the pump clicks off.

My 7.3L powerstroke uses HEUI injectors. (Hydralic/electronic unit injector) basically the injector is a large syringe, 60psi fuel goes into the middle of the injector, above that taking up 7 times as much area is 3000psi motor oil, a solenoid on top releases the oil against the plunger of the syringe, the force is multiplied by 7 upon the fuel, which compresses it to 20-30,000 psi out of the injector atomising the fuel. Running oil in my diesel helps quiet down the mechanical injectors a touch, and the engine runs on the oil with no side effects (no Dodge Cummins black smoke cloud) Some run it 50/50 but i don't produce near enough to go that high of a mix.

My only real initial cost was some 5 gal buckets, which my truck's oil comes in, an old torque converter, electric motor, some plumbing bits from Lowes. And now its just paper towels (which we get for free working at a paper mill) and replacing the bypass filter whenever it gets clogged. You could always skip the centifuge if you wanted.

Since my truck uses 18 quarts for an oil change i had a crap load of oil to dispose of every 4-6 months, plus a minivan, vette, lawnmowers, dad's tractor.... A little online research and the rest is history

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Originally Posted by Vis Croceus View Post
<1 minute of googling says:

Bring your hazardous waste to a free collection each Tuesday and Thursday, from 2 - 6 p.m. at the Ingham County Health Department, at the corner of Cedar and Jolly, from May-September. Please call 517-887-4312 for more information.

Westpark Consumer Recycling Center-- The Consumer Recycling Center, located at 5900 Westpark at Fountainview accepts used oil and used oil filters for recycling. Maximum quantity accepted is 5 gallons.

You may also recycle used oil at any of the Neighborhood Depository/Recyling Centers or the Environmental Service Centers.
Lol I knew this forum was going to pay off someday.
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I used to burn in in my 02 dodge cummins 24v, mixed the used ATF or used engine oil with diesel (of course after I filtered out the crap that usually falls into the oil pan). Done it for years, need to mix in some 2 stroke oil with the ATF. Used engine oil or ATF mix-up pretty decently with diesel.

Makes the tail pipe stink if you don't mix in enough diesel with the used oil. Had buddies that only ran used engine oil (just conventional oil), but caused nozzle tips to foul up.
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The transfer station here takes it, I also have the option of using the waste oil tank in work or a garage that has a waste oil furnace.

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