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'03 Z06 | Torch Red/Mod Red | 104k miles | 2-Owner [DFW, TX]

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Default '03 Z06 | Torch Red/Mod Red | 104k miles | 2-Owner [DFW, TX]

Unfortunately deciding to get out of my Vette.. Job change and recently got in to something more civilized for city driving.

Bought in late March 2017 at 93k miles as a 1-owner vehicle driven by a gentleman who took very good mechanical care of the car. Unfortunately the car did not come with service records, but I have kept track of mine since I've owned the car and they will be provided with the vehicle.



- VIN: 1G1YY12S035128710
- Clean Title
- 2 sets of keys
- During my ownership, all maintenance has been done on-time and also 1 repair at Corvette World in Carrollton, TX.
- Original owner did mostly highway driving, I have done half highway/half city.
- Spirited driving was limited to 1-2 pulls above 5k rpm a day in 2-3 gear, if that. 0 burnouts or crazy shenanigans, track days, etc. in the car since I've owned it
- There is a loan on the vehicle


I believe the previous owner DD'd the car, and I did as well. The exterior reflects this. I'd give it a 6.5/10 if I had to rate it.

- Swirling
- Some rock chips on front bumper
- Small crack on front bumper on the passenger side break duct intake? It's so small I forgot it was even there until going over everything to prep for sale.
- Previous owner tried to do some touch-up paint work on the car but got the wrong color red. There are random spots around the car (mostly on mirrors) where you can see it.
- NO major scratches or dings/dents of any kind
- Wheels are in great shape as well, no curb rash.
- Still cleans up very well


Interior, especially for the mileage, is in stellar shape.

- ~1in tear in driver-side left bolster caused by me.
- Small wear spot I caused on the center console lid, also caused by me, since i like to rest my bony elbow there while driving.
- Very minor cracking in the leather seats. For the mileage its honestly impressive how little wear there is. I'll get some better seat pics up later.


Bone stock engine. No signs of any issues.

- Oil changes always done on time to factory specs.
- 1 repair was done due to a vacuum leak. It ended up just being a bad hose, had it replaced along with the head gasket for preventative measures.
- Clutch + rest of transmission is in great health. Fluid flushed/changed shortly after purchase.


2 Issues since I've owned the vehicle. 1 is current.

- Steering Wheel Position Sensor went out. Bought OEM replacement and installed myself.
- The car recently, and still is, spitting out the annoying yet easily fixable C1214 code (TC/ABS lights in dash). Plenty of info about this code on the forum. I don't have the tools to remove the EBCM, and my shop won't remove it and let me bag/tie off the connections to drive it home. $150 from ABS Fixer, or free if you can remove it yourself and can solder. I have some silicone and solder I bought for this purpose that you can have.
- Driver side window rolls up slower than passenger. Been like that since I bought it but it has never caused me an issue.


- Had a full set of new Contitental ExtremeContact DWS06's installed at around ~97k miles. ~80-85% tread all the way around
- Brakes still have plenty of bite, in good shape


Trying to be as transparent as possible about the car. NO surprises if you come to take a look at it. Overall this thing is in fantastic shape for the mileage. Well taken care of all-around and very solid.

I will get more pics up later on and post them. It was very hot out while i was cleaning/getting initial pics. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! First time selling privately so I might have missed some things.
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