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** Official FI Owners Club **

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Default ** Official FI Owners Club **

To start off the new year, I thought I would try to put a thread together to list all of the various Forced Induction setups we have for the C5 and C6 Corvette, and those members who are running one of the systems in one handy location. I think it would be a nice benefit to the members who would like to know who is also running their system, so they can get in touch with them and talk shop or ask questions about their setup. It could also give a nice reference list for prospective new owners to see what systems are out there, and who is running them.

I will maintain the current list here in this first post, and I will try to keep this list updated as often as I can. If you are not on the list, and would like to be added, just post here or PM me. Please keep this thread friendly and as simple as just posting your setup and any other relevant information about your vehicle and your FI system. Please keep the other discussions and debates to other threads. If I forgot any systems, I will add them as soon as I can. Include your RWHP/RWTQ numbers and your times if you would like also.

Twin Turbo Systems

APS Twin Turbo

SpeedyD - C5 APS

VortechC5 - 2002 Coupe, APS on the way

JimmyZ78 - APS TT's on the way

turbo_tom - '05 Mil Yellow C6, Z-51, APS TT, Comp cam, Corsa Sport exhaust, 604 RWHP/ 620 RWTQ

bigsamsdad - 2005 C6, A4, Dynotech APS Stage II TT setup, 552 RWHP/513 RWTQ, 10.89 1/4 mile @129 mph

dark_phantom - 2006 APS Twin Turbo Black Coupe, 6 Speed Automatic, 462 rwhp and 478 rwtq @ 6.5 psi

vegasredz062 - forged 402 turbo cam ported heads APS twin turbo 659rwhp 694 rwtrq -12 psi

DSOMC6 - 2006 Auto 6speed, APS TT system, Turbo cam, APS 3" exhaust, 557rwhp 542tq

syko Z06 - Stock 2002 Z06
APS twin turbo, 60LB injectors,MSD BAP, Borla stinger exhaust. 609 RWHP 594 RWTQ

bikeone - APS TT by Mike Norris Motorsports in Orlando. Actual RWHP 606, 629 RWTQ.

99Silverbullet - 6L Iron Block/APS Kit

PlanoLeMans - 04 Lemans Commemorative Z06, APS twin turbo, installed and tuned by LG Motorsports

HP Performance Twin Turbo

Corvette4ever - 2001 QS C5 Coupe, HP Performance Twin 76mm Turbo kit, C5-R 427 9.0:1 CR, FLT Level V 4L65-E

kindaslo - 1997 c5 modified hp performance twin kit 408 stroker, 690hp/695tq on 8 psi., installing cage/new fuel system now to go up to 15 psi.

TXZ0603 - 03 Z06, HP Twin Turbos

LPE Twin Turbo

tt427pacecar - LPE 427TT, 621 RWHP, 754 RWTQ

DDSLT5 - LPE TT 346 cids - 700 rwhp, 680 rwtq

Jason Blue Boost - 346 LPE TT Stage 1 automatic, 500rwh on 7lbs., Best 60ft. 1.57, Best mph 126, Best ET 10.8, Drag times with 295/35/18 BFG drag radials

sultan 2 ZR1 KSA - 2002 Z06, LPE TT, Ls1 347CI, forged diomond pistons 9.2 compression, Custom turbo Cam from Lingenfelter 228/232 588/595 LSA118 ( I LOVE IT ), Lingenfelter Twin turbo with updraded GT3076WG turbos, patriot stage 3 heads, custom fuel system with return system, custom 3 inch straight flow exhoust, AEM true boost controler, AEM wide band 02 sensor, snow performance alky injection, Difi fuel presure gauge with controler, DTE tranmession brace, T56 rebuilds stage 4 gearbox, 300mm half shafts, Spec stage 3+ clutch, 14PSI 662WHP 689RWT

Jeffyvette - 2001 ZO6 with 6.3L LPE Stage 4 Twin Turbo kit, 659 rwhp and 716 ft/lbs torque at full boost

AJRZ06 - 2002 LPE TT Stage 1+ Z06, 346cid, 592 RWHP, 612 RWTQ

STL94LT1 - 2001 White/Black/Black Vert. LPE TT650 580rwhp/540rwtq

meadowz06 - 99 Lingenfelter twin turbo 500

PTS/PTK Twin Turbo

AVB - PTK/PTS, 408 twin T66's

AustinL911 - Stock bottom end. Base turbos.

Shinobi'sZ - PTK TT, 346cid, 830/804

2MuchRiceMakesMeSick - PTK kit and a w2w forged motor (waiting to get installed)

tazinhawaii - 2001 Red Z06, C5R 427, PTS Twin T-64 turbo system, AFR 225's, FAST 90mm intake/TB, Comp cams 238/242, Callies crank, Oliver rods, Mahle pistons, Roadrunner PCM, and some other 'odds-n-ends'

black 99 - PTS TT

STS Twin Turbo

NAVY08 - STS TT, RPM Level V trans

BMERETR - 2002 Z06, STS TT,Meth inj 100% meth, Accusump oil accumulator,Dewitts rad, 598.4rwhp/632.26rwlbft

asmokegars - STS TT, 427 C5R, larger size/ceramic coated turbos, TH400 full manual with transbrake, installed by ECS

C5A4TT - 2001 C5 A4 bone stock, STS Twin Turbo 8psi, 480rwhp/480rwtq Converter Unlocked

Hammer - Stock 2004 Z06, STS kit @ 10 psi, 600 rwhp, Installed and Tuned by The Vette Doctors

philgeb12 - '04 coupe, STS ball bearing stage II, 402 ci forged, ECS alky kit, 726rwhp/805 rwtq @ 12.5 lbs, tuned by cartek

utah997 - 2000 MN6, STS

stunna - 2000 A4, STS TT, 2400 stall, 3:42, ls6 manifold, sw longtubes and comp 918 springs, all other stock. On mustang inground loaded dyno 505 rwhp / 485 rwtq at 7 psi.

Tranceshark - STS TwinTurbo on LS1 - modified for Autobahn use, 492RWHP, 445TRQ, update pending!

ramfromhell - 2001 Torch Red Z06, STS TT

eric04 - STS TT, 04z, will post dyno # as soon as i get into be tuned. just running 7psi for now

DavzC5 - I'm in with my wifes C5 vert. STS Twin Turbo stock A4, 8psi.

psychokiller - 2002 C5 MN6 Coupe STS Twin Turbo 7psi

ONECAPPO - STS twins ordered for 01 LS1 with stock engine

24hr Z06 - 2004 Z06 with LS6 Built & Tuned by ECS, ECS turbo cam with supplemental parts (springs, retainers, rods..etc), ECS Alky Kit, ECS SD Tune, STS Twin Turbo Kit with GT32 turbos producing 8.5psi, 60lb Injectors + booster pump, Textralia ExoSkel Twin Disc Clutch, Stock 3.46 gearing with hardened output shaft, DTE Diff Brace, At 8.5psi 612rwhp 586lb-ft

cbruer - 99 triple black vert, sts on stock motor, ecs methanol kit, upgraded valve springs, 484 rwhp, 470 tq, ls7 clutch, upgraded suspension to c6zo6 shocks, z51 springs and sways.

Vette-Dream - 1998 C5 A4, STS twin kit on stock motor. Built it in my garage alone w/jack stands

Redraiderme2 - '03 Z06, Stroked 408 with all the fix'ns, STS Turbo Kit, Alky Kit, tons of little goodies

TTi Twin Turbo

jersey jay - '03 Z06, 382 stroker, 812/877 saerwhp/tq

king_pin - TTi stage X

diynoob - 2003 Z06, forged ECS 347, TTiX, updated dyno numbers 726rwhp, 681rwtq @ 14-15psi

ICULUKN-C5 - TTi Stage X

longdrive70 - 2001 Coupe, TTi Stage X

Vince99FRC - 1999 FRC, TTi X, SW/BM 408ci w/AFR 225's 72cc

PUREFUN - TTi Stage 1, 444 rwhp 499 rwtq

IM QUIKR - TTi stage 3 @ 9-10#s, Racetronix, FLP tuning, 42Lbs inj., CompCams 918, Corsa exhaust, Dewitts Radiator, hypertech-160 T-stat, 456rwhp / 472rwtq

ducatidave - '03 Widebody vert, TTi X kit w/ 60lb injectors

RRRRmbl - '07 Vert A6, MS/Grey Top/Ebony/Red, Comp Grey wheels (wide body coming), TTiX by Dr. Phil (RoadRebel), 346 LS6 forged/AFR205's, ECS Alkykit, Blitz Color boost controller, all work/tune done by Dr. Phil., Was 760rwhp, who knows now.

hermit - TTi X

BLOWNZO6 - 2002 Z06, Forged and TTiX equipped

Rkreigh - 2003 Z06 Tiger Shark nose, TTiX, 796 rwhp, 900 rwtrq at 16.7 psi, 700 rwhp/700 rwtq @ 13 psi (street setting)

pimpjames - TTi stage 3 - Racetronix fuel Pump, 42Lbs inj., CompCams 918, Corsa exhaust and X-pipe, Dewitts Radiator, hypertech-160 T-stat, and BBK air bridge 460rwhp / 522rwtq

Chris Stewart - 2003 Z06 TTiX stock longblock full factory exhaust 564rwhp/512rwtq

TheBigDog - TTi X kit 500+ HP

Devil Dog - '99 vert with a TTI Stage 3 twin turbo

BUSMAN C5 - 99 A4 TTi Stage 3 Stock Motor, 395 rwhp / 429 torque Mustang Dyno, Anger Management Racing Tomdcarguy Installer, Tuned by TRoy

gary buchanan - 2002 Z06, A&A forged 346,tti-x, 700rwhp, 689rwtq, @ 14psi thanks

pdm_ad - TTi Stage I, 6.5psi and 438hp 498tq

Boost Master - 2002 z06 TTIX 427 6 speed pump gas/alki 16.5 psi boost 9.9 @ 151 mph

Greg MFn Z - 99 C5 auto, TTi stage 3

99MALLETT396 - 04 Z06: TTiX, 382ci, ALKY and all the supporting mods. All work was done by BLOWNZ06 at HPM.

Positive Displacement Superchargers

Kenne Bell Supercharger

obxfunn - 2003 Z06: Kenne Bell 2.6 @ 8#, Kooks 1 7/8 headers, Alky kit. 580hp/540tq

AMERICAN_HP - Kenne Bell 2.8 @ 16psi, 403ci LS2 Stroker w/AFR 225 Heads. 801rwhp/851rwtq

BobJ - Kenne Bell on stock '98 A4

DBFCO2 - 2003 Coupe, A4, KENNE BELL Supercharger, Long Tube Headers, Hi Flow Cats and Indy Corsa, 495 RWHP AND 505RWTQ

NITRO UK - 2001 z06, kenne bell 7lbs, wcc headers random cats corsa touring mufflers, 90mm ls2 throttle body, 533 rwhp / 480 rwtq

Crabr1 - Kenne Bell, 481rwhp / 476rwtq

jbuerke142 - 2002 Z06, 2.6 KB at 7psi, numbers to come

one z06 - 2001 Z06, Kenne Bell 2.6 @ 8#, 1-7/8 American Racing Headers, Alky kit. 547hp/510tq

dsaxman - Kenne Bell 2.6L Satin Black, 2000 A4 Coupe, Kooks 1 3/4" long tubes/x-pipe, stock bottom end. Dyno numbers: 426hp / 458tq. 7 lbs, 78mm TB.
90mm TB, Meth injection and 9lb pulley on the way.

Magnacharger Supercharger

pewter99 - Magnusson, CompCam 222/224 .566/.567 113, Borla Stingers, Blackwing, TPIS Headers, 460RWHP 488TQ Dynojet SAE Crtd.

sicklizard - '97, A4, Maggie

wrustywrench - '98, A4, Maggie non IC, cam by DTE, 373 gears and yank with RPM trans w/DTE brace

navy99vert - '99, A4, Maggi I/C, vig 2800 & 3:73 rear

RED99 - '99, A4, Polished I/C Maggie

whitelite - 2000 I/C Maggie w/giggle juice 490/503 w/35 jet

DevilDog II - 1998 Arctic White Coupe w/pearl red ghost flames, Magna Charger w/3.3 underdrive pulley, Thunder Racing blower cam, Grizzly long tube headers and x-pipe, Random Technology low restriction cats, B&B Bullets, Be Cool radiator, Vortex Ram Air w/Power Duct, B&M Ripper shifter, Z06 clutch, MotorCity high-rise hood, EradiSpeed rotors, Goodridge stainless steel brake lines, WCC chrome split 5-spoke wheels w/Pirelli PZero Rosso tires, 459 rwhp/427 rwtq

M_T_0 - 99 B/B/silver vert, MN6, F45 (soon to be F55), z06 bars, z51 springs, A&A tunnel reinforcment, LS7 clutch, LC-1, HPTuners, FLP LT's W/Cats, GHL Mag+, LPE 220/226 114lsa, FFHP stg2.5 heads 2.05/1.6 valves, home ported/shimed oil pump, double roller TC, hardened pushrods, blackwing, SLP maf, Ported TB, I/C Maggie, 2.9 pully, ECS overdrive crank 533rwhp, 580rwtq (556rwhp and 600rwtq before detune due to stock bottom end and no AI)

SSamZ06 - 2003 Z06 IC Polished Mag, 495 RWHP 423 RWTQ

Blue Lightening - LPE installed intercooled Maggie, injectors and fuel pump, ECS blower cam, ECS alky system, TPIS Headers, Hi Flow Cats, Coras Pro Series, Black Wing, Excedy Duel Disk Clutch, 373 gears, Tubbed w/345's

YeloZ06 - '02 Z06, ploished Maggie, 90mm inlet and throttle body. 517rwhp and 459rwtq

Rag-Top Rick - '98 A4 3:15, Polished IC Maggie, 90mm snout/airbridge, GM-A&A ported 90mm TB, LPE 100mm maf, 2.9 pully, ECS/Julio Alky, LPE GT2-3, AR w/cats, A&A-Charlie tune 493rwhp/496rwtq

FunCool - 402ci with maggie on 8lbs of boost 580rwh and 592rwt!!!!

RJW - 03 Z06 w/little maggie First pull... 547rwhp/514 torque @ 8.4 psi -car details in sig

JSTAN - 02 Z06 I/C Maggie w/3.0 pulley, TPIS headers, ECS meth injection 496 whp 466 wtq

RikkiC5 - 2004 Spiral Gray 6sp Vert - Polished Magnacharger, CompCams XR265HR 212 [email protected] .558 .563, Beehives, Chrome Molly Pushrods, Bassani LT, Bassani X-Pipe, GHL Stainless, BlackWing, Dewitts Aluminum Dual Core Radiator,Elite Engineering Oil Catch Can, HP Custom Tune, B&M “Ripper” Precision Sport Shifter, 480.5 RWHP 461 RWTQ Super-Flow Dyno Crtd.

DeJay - 2004 Mag Red A4 Coupe, LPE S/C, American Racing headers and X-pipe, Blackwing Intake. Tune up by RoadRebel. 448/RWHP 435/RWTQ

Vega$Vette - Polished Maggie 483/455 with 5.2 psi

03SpiralGray - 04 Z06, Maggie, LG Long Tube Headers, Ported Throttle Body, Blackwing. 7.5lbs of boost 503rwhp 489rwtq

Centrifugal Superchargers

A&A Vortech Supercharger

NemesisC5 - A&A Vortech V-2 SQ S-Trim, updated numbers: 668rwhp / 592rwtq

kawasaki eric - '03 A4 coupe A&A vortech 475rwhp 435 tq

Mike04 - 2004 A4, A&A S Trim Vortech 595.6rwhp and 518.5rwtq

FactoryRaceCar - A&A newest design SQ S trim with 3.2" pulley 12+ psi of boost, ECS 346 Blower Cam, 317 LQ9 Heads milled to 69.5 cc, ECS Alky, Tune by Charlie (Numbers close to 650rwhp)

B-rent - 98 Vert - A&A Vortech SQ, 5psi, 465rwhp/435rwtq

RamonaC5 - '99 FRC, A&A Vortech T trim on a 402, 650 rwhp/ 580 rwtq

ctvette2003 - '03 coupe, A&A S trim, 5psi, 490 rwhp/430 rwtq, Smaller pulley on the way.....UPDATE: We installed a new cam/springs/60# injectors/tuning by Slowhawk, car is now at 597rwhp, ECS meth is enroute. Ok ECS meth kit is in, Retuned by Slowhawk 643rwhp 515rwtq

razor2430 - A&A Vortech V-2 SC Kit, 10 PSI, RWHP 584 RWT 491

wwbill617 - A&A Vortech V-2 / AR headers / Borla 578/524

c52k1vert - Vortech YSI, C5R 412, closed exhaust, 93 octane, updated numbers - 916 rwhp / 795 rwtq, 20psi YSI

RHP - 2004 Z06, Vortech SC (installed by Vortech), conservative tune by A&A, Snow meth injection after the tune for safety, Blackwing, 538rwhp/450rwtq

HP Addict - 99 FRC, A&A Vortech V2 T-Trim SQ, Dynatech Longtubes, LS6 intake, LPE GT2-3 cam, 501 rwhp & 478 rwtq @ 6psi and 6300 rpm. No alky.

c52k1vert - '01 Mag Red II C5R, 20 PSI * 6500 RPM, Vortech YSI, C5R 412, 916 rwhp / 794 rwtq

Pio - 2006 C6Z06, ARH LT's, Vortech S-trim, Fuel System; 607 rwhp / 552 rwtq at 5.7 lbs of boost

Pio - 2003, forged L92 with a Vortech T-trim, 734 rwhp, 685 rwtq

seebobgo - 2002 Z06 A&A sq trim Vortech, Stock otherwise, 518rwhp 445 rwtrq on the mustang dyno

wilburn - A&A Vortech

MotleyDrew - A&A 403ci, Edlebrock CNC heads, Custom grind blower cam, A&A Vortech YSi, A&A Methanol Inj

FLATOUT - 01 Z06, A&A Vortech S trim V1, American Racing Headers, X pipe with cats, B&B Bullets. Stock Cam, Heads, and Internals. 526rwhp 468ftlbs

LuvmyC5 - A&A newest design Vortech V-2 SQ S-Trim, 60 lbs. Mototrons, KB BAP, Racetronix fuel pump and harness. Stock long block 10 psi restricted down (currently 7.5-8 psi) with an FLP A4 trans and a Yank SY3500 converter.

Ilovechevymusclecars - A&A vortech kit with texas speed ceramic coated long tubes and straight pipes into the stock mufflers. Also MSD spark plug wires

REYJAY - 02 A4 A&A S Trim Vortech, 484RWHP/460RWTQ

bullitt4110 - 01 Z06 forged bottom end, stock 243 heads with ADS4FI cam (22x/23x 115), Kooks 1-3/4" headers, O/R X, Exedy twin disc clutch, DTE strut brace, RPM stage IV w/ 4.10's (for now), stock Ti, Racetronix pump and harness, 60lb injectors, Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump, 8 rib, A&A Vortech V2 T-trim with front mount intercooler, AIS fender mount meth kit, and speed density tune by [email protected] Dyno.

newberd - A&A Vortec, 500 rwhp 466 rwt

SleeperC5 - '97 A4, Stock bottom, A&A V2, 160T-stat, Patroit 243 CNC 62cc heads, 04/ZO6 Cam, LS6 Ported Intake, Ported Throttle Body, LG LT headers, Hi-FloCats, X-Pipe/ZO6 Ti.3:42s,Trans Cooler.Tunnel plate, Yella Terra 1.7 Roller Rockers. A&A Vortech V2 SQ. Meth kit. 530.26RWHP/[email protected] Boost

c5mtl - 99 coupe, A&A Vortech V2 T-Trim SQ, texas speed Longtubes with hiflow cats , LS1 intake, 3800 vigilante stall 3.42 ,A&A cam [email protected], stock 317 heads. No alky yet going to add for saftey...550rwhp and 470rwtq so far

ProjecT 9 - A&A Vortech V3 T-Trim @ 10lbs w/ 8 Rib, 228/234-115, Kooks Race LT's, Off Road X-pipe, Borla Stinger, 655/546 @ 16*, 623/513 @ 14*, Stock bottom

dajael - 510rwhp/468tq, 2003 Coupe 40k miles as a virgin, Stock block/cam/heads, A&A V2 w/3.4" pulley (S-Trim), A.R.LT's with H.F. cats, B&B Bullets, MN6

D C - A&A - forged 402ci, 75# injectors, currently has a baby cam (future mod to a bigger cam), Vortech JT, 750rwhp/707rwtq

Bell - 02 Coupe, A&A Vortech V3 SQ S, 3.6 pulley, 8.8 psi boost w/ restrictor plate, 469 rwhp, 425 rwtq. A4, 3.42 gears, shift kit, vac modulator, blower cam, Ti Z06 catback, stock headers, BFG drag radials, 1/8th mile is 7.43 at 93mph.

03QSLVRZ06 - 2003 Z06, ARH's catted, custom cam 226/234 lsa114, A&A V3 S-trim kit (seeing max of 8.5lbs) with 16* timing, going lean from about 5800K and on (will be fixed with BAP) 632HP/544TQ

1stGlance - A & A (new version SQ-V3 2000 LS1 Convert stock internals 557 RWHP 492 RWTQ @ 12#, installed / tuned by MCRacing

road pilot - A&A Vortech Supercharger, 00' A-4 coupe, A&A V-2,SI trim Vortech,3.6 pulley, 9 lbs boost, ARH LT,/cats, X pipe, LS-6 intake, Mike Norris Dynotune, etc..... 514 rwhp/ 483 torque

Tonycpa - A&A Vortech V-2 SQ SI-Trim installed and dynoed by the Vette Doctors

ECS Paxton Supercharger

keith954 - '02 Z06, forged 347

VLBBZ06 - paxton novi 2000, and am also building a 402

Old Timer - ECS installed Paxton Novi 2000

Warp Factor - 2000 FRC, ECS Paxton Novi kit, otherwise bone stock

DOUG @ ECS - Novi 2000

oufan2929 - ECS Paxton, 408ci, 801rwhp and 716rwtq on 16lbs. no meth, 91oct/torco mix

DRUSH - ECS Paxton, forged 346, 9.77 @141

pk1 - 2000 Vert, ECS Paxton

blwnc5 - Novi 2000, 585 RWHP 485 rwt, Auto, Alky, Stock LS-1 for now

Tony Raineri - ECS paxton,Auto vert,stage two head and cam by cartek, alky, 3.42, Kooks Longtubes, stock lowerend, 542rwhp 488rwtq

Medriver99 - ECS installed Paxton Supercharger, ECS Alky Kit

V8_Club - ECS Paxton Novi 2000

ARK 99COUP - ECS Novi 2000

TigerSharkVette - 97 coupe, ECS paxton novi 2000

Honez - 2003 Vert, 346 Forged built and installed by A&A, ECS Novi 2000 Head unit and bracket, ECS Alky Kit, Stage III heads, 90 MM GM Ported TB, SD Tune, HP 675 at a safe 11.5 AFR

DBL001 - 01 vert ECS paxton, longtubes, Z06 ti's, MN6

vetmike01 - ECS Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger, American Racing headers, Corsa Touring exhaust, Z06 shifter, AutoMeter boost fuel press gauges, 513.2 hp 520.4tq at the wheels at ECS dyno
Update: New forged motor from making 695.4 rwhp and 544.4 rwtq

EnglandGreen - ECS Paxton Novi 2000 - forged LS2 402

NJZ06 - 2004 Black Z w/ ECS Novi 2000 - 568rwhp (stock motor)

ONE BMF - Paxton Novi, LG LT's & x-pipe, ECS ALKY

tj37_2 - ECS Paxton Novi 2000 - forged LS2 402

Ken G - 2004 TR Z06, ECS Forged 346 (ECS blower cam, AFR 205's), ECS/Paxton Novi 2000 (14-15 psi),AR LT's, cats, & stock Ti catback,ECS fuel system, ECS/Alky Control methanol injection, 727 rwhp/628 rwtq

Great Escape - ECS NOVI 2000 ,METH KIT AR HEADERS,X-PIPE,HI-FLOWS,TEX CLUTCH,on a 04z 581rwhp 488rwtq on a stock LS6 6-8psi

vet4fun - '02 Vert, 4.10's, LS7 clutch, B&B exhaust, otherwise bone stock. Added Novi 2000, ECS Alky Kit. Dyno tuned at 532 RWHP, 501 TQ (10 lbs. boost)

Vette1999Hardtop - 1999 FRC 6-speed 4:10 gears, Headers, Corsa (Indys) exhaust, Level 5 (RPM)trans, Textrailia, Novi 2000, Alky kit, X-pipe, High flow cats 490 rwhp 450 rwtq @ 95 degrees that day

madeouttaglass - Installing the ECS novi kit along with their cam in my already forged engine.

Yellow03Z06 - 03 Z06, ECS Novi, ECS Blower cam, Dynatech Headers w/cats, 570rwhp 500rwtq.....Added alky and now at 600/526

416 Rigby - ECS Novi kit with all the extras, (injecters et all), ECS mail order tune, Powerbond balancer, AR long tube headers, "Hot Soxs", Hooker catback, Ls6 mamafold, Ported & polished TB, Composite MAF ends, Dewitt rad with oil cooler, FP,Boost,FA ratio gauges, 10 spoke 06 replica wheels

TheDingo - I'm getting a new set up from ECS right now but the car has long tubes exhaust and procharger d1 and made 587rwhp and 517trq

greatwhitess - (Motor built by Eagle Machine):LS6 Block, 347c.iStock Crank, Diamond Pistons, Callies Rods, ARP Main/Head Studs, TEA LS6 Heads, Cam Motion Custom Cam, Typhoon 85mm Intake, Novi 2000 with stock balancer and 3.3 Pulley, Motron 60lbers, Alky Control Meth Dual Nozzle Kit, MSD Boost-A-Pump, Racetronix Hotwire Kit, Tuned By All Out Performance -----Made 638 to the wheels on 8.5lbs -----Made 831 to the wheels on 14.4lbs

mulalleybs - Finally got my paxton novi 2000 installed, also have lg pro lts, and the ecs alky kit. 577 rwhp 518.6 rwtq

colonel328 - '00 convertible with stock LS1, Novi 2000, Dynatech Supermaxx longtubes, Borla Stinger: 560 hp, 516 lb-ft torqe

Procharger Supercharger (ATI, A&A, ECS)

JSTAN - '97 A4, stock LS1, ATI Procharger 451rwhp / 418 rwtq

Drewstein - '99 FRC, 402, D1

redcycle13 - First generation Procharger, lg headers, 8lbs. 470rwhp/433rwtq

peter pan - A&A DS1C

C6 Z06 - 2000 coupe, 6spd, A&A ATI Procharger, 489 RWHP

jers98vet - ECS D1, stock shortblock, 317 heads, Cartek 2X cam, LT's, 10# boost, no meth, 592rwhp 527rwtq

ttboyvette - 01' vert, stock bottom, ECS D1SC

jonjon - F1R Procharger, 383 Stroker, Meth/Alky, 755rwhp 675 rwtq, [email protected]

fastphil - '03 Z06, stock motor, stock exhaust, D1SC Procharger kit, 6lbs boost, MTI tune, 577 RWHP

johncbourg - ECS Forged 347, ECS 8 rib D1SC, ECS cam, ECS LS6 Ported heads, ECS Dual Nozzle Meth Kit, ECS Fuel System, DTE Brace, Hardend output shafts, Tex. clutch, LGM Longtube pros , B&B Bullets, B&M, iForged FS Classics 19/20 Combo, Big Brakes, Lowered. 780 rwhp

Cliff99C5hardtop - '99 C5 hardtop, ECS D-1, ECS Dual Port Alky Kit, A&A Blower Cam, stock bottom end, stock heads, Stainless Works [email protected] rwhp

FRCBobby - 2000 Pewter FRC, M6, A&A Procharger Kit

clemsondave - '03 Z06, A&A P1SC Procharger, stock block, ECS Alky kit, LG lt headers, RPS clutch, 573rwhp/478 rwtq

marco383 - '98 MN6 coupe, C5R 427, LS7 heads and intake, F1C Procharger w/latest twin intercoolers. Many other upgrades. 773 RWHP @ 8 psi

CAracer - 2004 Z06, A&A Forged 348, P1SC Procharger, AFR heads,
blower cam, Boost a pump, 556 rwhp, 468 rwtq

ubsloandlo - '01 Z06, Procharger D1 HO kit, Bone stock except BB Bullets, Valve springs, Pushrods and Bap, 530rwhp / 450tq stock pump was failing up top

Pakisho - '02 Z06, D1SC w Cerra Turbo Kit FMIC, Built motor, ARP Studs, Cometic Gaskets, Patriot Heads, Blower Cam, Kooks Headers, High Flow cats, Cutouts, Alky Control Dual Nozzle Kit, Racetronix/60lb Injectors, BAP, Tial BOV, Reichard Racing "small" pulley, RPS Clutch/HD Output Shafts/DTE Brace/CCWs and NT01s, 606rwhp/520rwtq before the heads/cam/alky/smaller pulley

mikes99corvette - A&A D1SC Procharger, 383 Stroker, Methanol, 700+RWHP

jparr - ATI P1-SC / stock motor / 445 rwhp / 7psi

[email protected] Performance - 01 Z06, A&A Procharger D1, 42lbs Inj., stock Mani's/cat's, straight pipes, Nitrous IC Cooling /Cryo2 Chambers, HKS SSQV, SPA & AEM Gauges, 550 whp / 480 rwtq off the bottles @ 8psi

jpm71 - Procharger D1SC with A&A bracket, A&A forged 402 shortblock, Patriot Heads, 4.25 pulley, ECS fuel system, RPM Trans, 714rwhp / 669rwtq mustang dyno

Whiteonrice - '02 Coupe, Procharger A&A, tune, otherwise stock, 473 rwhp 439 torque

snitz - Procharger D1SC ,346 ci forged bottom with ESC fuel system, meth injection @ 742 RWHP

1EvilC5 - 2003 Blk/Blk, M6, A&A P1SC Procharger

BLOWN ECS Z06 - Erik Koenig/HKE Racing forged 347 LS6 Motor, complete ECS 8-Rib D1SC System & ECS Fuel System, TEA Stage II LS6 Heads (flow identical to 215 Trick Flow Heads), Comp blower cam:224/230 (xer lobes) 114+2, .581/.592; stay tuned for new power number in excess of 700+rwhp/600rwtq, running 14 lbs of boost, 60 lb Mototron injectors, ECS 100% Methanol Kit, Kooks 1 3/4 headers with high flow cats, B&B Bullet Exhaust, RPM M12 Tranny, DTE Strut Brace.

SudburyC5 - '99 coupe, stock, A&A P1SC procharger with meth, 504RWHP 452RWTQ

LS12NV - 97 A4 Coupe, ATI P1SC (with twin I/Cs), upgraded ECS 8-rib bracket, forged 402 LS2 motor, LQ9 heads, LS6 intake, BBK throttle body, Dynatech headers, B&B Bullets, ECS alky kit, 60 lb. injectors, DeWitts radiator, 616 rwhp / 597 rwtq

vertC6 - 2007 Black Vert Z51, Melrose headers/Random Tech Cats' B&B Bullets, D-1SC 4.25" pulley (10 psi) 60lbs inject, KB BAP, Custom Cam 218/224 .569 .575 115 LSA, Comp 918 springs, Snow performance meth kit, Pfadt coilovers, HRE 842's 19/20's, Full widebody with Z06 brakes

Pewtavert - 1999 Roadster, Vette Drs. Heads/Cam Rx-450, Procharger II P1SC, DeWitts, Comp 1.85 RR's/921 Springs, LS6 Intake, 42# Injectors, Walbro, Alky, 170*Stat, Kooks 1 7/8 Offroad, Catch Can, Breather, Ti's, MSD's, NGK's, DRM Hood, BPP Headlights, Sport Comp II's, 592 RWHP, 463 RWTQ @7psi., Lowered, 3.90's w/HD Shafts, Vette Drs. Built A4 w/Cooler, Shift Kit, Vig 3200, Hotchkis, Bilsteins, Z06 Calipers, SS Lines, Baer's, Mags, Nitto DR's, Redline/Amsoil.

black05c6z51 - 2005 Z51 C6, ATI D1SC

Phillip50 - Custom ECS D1 Procharger Kit w/intercooler, Racetronic Fuel System, 50lb injectors, KOOKS 1 3/4" Headers with high flow cats, LUK Stage II Clutch, Taylor Red Wires

FRCTony - ATI P1 Stage II

Hool97 - C5R 427 AFR 225 heads' Procharger P1 SC A&A bracket, A4 level IV RPMTrans, 657 rwhp / 586 rwtq

berryj - A&A P1SC kit with Vortech BOV, 3.42 rear diff, NGK TR6 plugs, Racetronix fuel pump, Comp 918 Valve springs, B&B PRT exhaust, TPIS LT headers w/ HF cats, MSD Boost a Pump, NLP catch can. Dyno: 490 RWHP, 440 RWTQ, 1/4 mi time: 11.3 @125 mph (on a cold day)

snitz - '04 C5-Procharger D1SC, forged bottom, ECS fuel system, with 100% Alky (740 rwhp)

duvall408w - 2004 z06 Le mans blue d1sc

GB Vette - 2002 Vert, A&A P1SC Procharger Setup, LS2 402

sturgeon90293 - A&A built 402 forged, Fi Procharger, alky system, 716 rwhp 698 torque

C5kid - '00 FRC, A&A PISC kit, 4.10 pulley 6-7#, KB BAP, SPEC III clutch, Fidanza Aluminum flywheel, DRM headers, SLP 51011 cam ( 218/224, .555/.566 115+4 lsa) LG carbon fiber drive shaft, Meizere EWP, LS6 intake, Last dyno was 572rwhp / 498rwtq

xtream1 - '02 Vert, MN6, forged 346, D1sc, 16#'s, 700rwhp at 6,000rpm on 91 octane and baby cam, meth supplement, custom fuel system, custom intercooler and shrouding

LV Vette - 99 6spd, stock motor with Procharger Stage II & alky. 496rwhp & 433rwt @ 7psi.

HIGHRPM - 1999 Coupe, 429 Cr5, F1R Procharger w/14.5 psi, ECS bracket, custom intercooler, shroud and piping. 850rwhp/760rwtq.

js23881 - LS2 402 Forged, Procharger D1, A & A cooler and setup, ECS bracket, 8 rib system, 15 psi, Alky system

Morzoff - '03 Z with 224/224 578 114, Long Tubes, 42lbs injectors, ECS Blower mallet 3.73 rear end, 590.4RWHP/527.7RWTQ

redcycle13 - Forged 347, Lunati Voodoo Cam 228/232, 317 heads, ECS Procharger bracket, A&A intercooler and piping. Lg streets, Borla Stingers. 15lbs boost 618rwhp 594rwtq some tuning left to be done. Should be close to 700 when complete.

MRC5 - my 98 indy500 , a&a p1,12 psi , forged bottom end ,heads and cam / a4 trans ,3,42 gear , yank 3200 stall , water injection = 620rwhp/580rwtq

snailrail - 2004 Vert, 6-speed, Procharger / A&A @ 7 psi, LG Pros. 476 rwhp, 438 ft-lbs

freakshow346 - artic white vert, ecs forged 346, d1, 707rwhp 575 rwtq, auto

madmatt9471 - 1998 Forged LS1 347 CID(88,000 miles), A4, w/3.42's, Yank 3200, LS6 Manifold, Ported TB, LRG Airbridge, TFS Heads 215's, 224/228 581" 588" 114 Cam, HS RR's, 2-BAR MAP Sensor,Sd Tuned, KOOKs Header 1 3/4", Hi-Flow Cats, X-Pipe, TI Exhaust, MEZIERE EWP, 180* Thrermo, P1SC-1 With A&A Bracket, 3.2" Pulley 11.8 LBS [email protected]@ST, 639 RWHP and 540 RWTQ

SuperZ1 - ATI Procharger P1SC 8 PSI, Methanol, LG Pro's & High Flow Cats, Comp 220/224 Cam, AFR Dual Spring Kit, 42# Injectors, Vortech BOV, CYN-R-G Segmented Flywheel, 2900 Lb. RPS Clutch, DTE Brace & Hardened Shafts, GMPP Drilled Rotors, 6pt Roll Cage & More. 596 RWHP 520 RWTQ
Best ET: 10.92 Best MPH: 132.46

freakshow346 - Forged 346 D-1 8 Rib 707 Rw 575 Trq

glennd - 346" forged D1SC 3.85" pulley 15.5# @ 6600rpm 2 nozzle meth. AFR heads 225's, Comp cam supplied by AFR. Fast 90/90 ported by AFR. KooKs 1 7/8" headers, hi flo cats, speed density
805 rwhp 688 rwtq SAE - 825 rwhp 705 rwtq STD
Custom best of A&A and ECS

MYLS6 - 2003 Z06 - D1SC/Hardend Push Rods/Harland Rockers/KB Boost a Pump/Racetronix Wiring Harness/A&A Single Mount Front Intercooler/Meth Kit/American Racing Headers/Corsa Touring Exhaust/Vengenace Ported 90 FAST/Nick Williams P/P 90MM TB/Patriot Dual Valve Springs/Pinned Crank/Catch Can/Stock Bottom End - 560/500

reneeautumn - P1sc stage2,346cu. stock bottom,205afr heads,comp cam 218/224-.567,fast int.,stock cncd throttle body,chrome molly pushrods,comp racing roller tappets,kooks header,epipe,cats,coras indy catback ex.4l60 rpmstage5 tranny,2600vigilante tq,convertor,3.42gears,Dewitts rad,Spall fans,180šthermostat,stock fog bezels replaced with open ones,B&M maxi cooler w/fan 641rwhp/553rwtq @6200rpm 8.5lbs boost

Brandon619 - Current setup, A&A P1sc with meth, TSP cam kit, LG long tubes, Fast 90/90, Dewitts rad., AEM wideband, 2bar SD tune, DTE stage 5 3.90 rearend. Next setup, Forged 418 LS2, All Pro heads, custom cam,F1A head unit with a 4" pulley, A&A 8 rib, 75lb injectors, Spec Twin disc, hope to get 15 psi and numbers to come...

H8THAGM - D1sc ATI Procharger, LS6 ported heads, ported TB, comp cam, SSAC headers, WCC x-pipe, Borla exhaust, AIS meth kit, Stock LS1 block, Installed and tuned at Advanced Dyno, 535 rwhp, 459 rwtq

csdunaway - ProCharger Stage II Intercooled System, running 7 PSI boost on a DD!

silverhaired daddy - 2000 blk vert stk bttm end pisc1 tw/intclrs A4 3200 st/conv 471RWHP 410RWTQ

Todd157k - '04 Z06 P1SC, 60# inj. BBK Shorties, Meth, Conservative tune, 6.5 lbs boost, 512 rwhp/455 rwtq

cdn ws6 - 2003 Z06, Stock LS6, A&A P1SC kit 4.25" pulley, Dynatech Headers and catted X-pipe, KB BAP, Dewitts rad, Dr.Phil/ [email protected] dyno tune 589/501 on 91 octane!

01vetter - Procharger Stage II kit with P1SC, 4.38" pulley, 8.2 psi boost, KB Boost-A-Pump, Racetronix fuel pump harness, 60 lb injectors, Innovate wide band, SPA duel boost and fuel pressure gauge. Completely stock engine and exhaust. 442 RWHP, 414 RWTQ

SUPERCHARGED FUN - LS7 w/ F1 Procharger at 20 lbs. blower Comp Cam, Patriot LQ9 heads, Eagle crank and I beam rods, FAST 90 intake, Lingenfilter 90 MAF, 84 lb injectors. It put 850 HP and 777 TQ to the ground.

tommysLT4 - 03 ZO6, p1sc procharger, forged internals, lg headers, corsa, 578hp 502tq

JustinStrife - '00 C5 Coupe Z51 6spd, ATI Procharger D1SC, LG Street Headers, Hi-Flow Cats, Ti Z06 exhaust, 4.5" pulley @ 8psi = 480rwhp/450rwtq. 121k miles and still pulling strong

ajcorvettes - A&A Procharger-3.85 pulley- HP tuners- 99 FRC

Custom Setup / Other

jbsblownc5 - Vortech T trim, custom made air-to-water aftercoolerand 2 heat exchangers, Carrol Supercharger Bracket w/ 45 MM cogged belt, Alky Control meth injection kit, Built 347, with a steady supply of Torco in every tank, SAE Corrected RWHP 702+ RWT 610

Z06GMAN - FLP TT, 408, Last dyno was 762rwhp and 790ish rwt pump gas no ALKY

SpdKilz - Custom Twin Turbo setup done by a small shop, CM Racing. Front mount turbos (twin GT35R's) with twin FMIC's located behind the Z06 screens (that’s all I’m going to say for now).

Tommy882 - 1999 Twin Turbo LS7 by Xtreme Motorsports, 750 RWHP 874 RWTQ

RJW - 3.3 liter whipple twin screw on oem ls6 bottom end, 621 rwhp /647 rwt and rising

candapifer - Custom No Name TT, Turbonectics EVO Wastegates, 3" BB Exhaust, Magnaflow Hi Flow Cats, Zex NOS, KB BAP, 400 RWHP/450 RWT on only 4lbs. boost. Going to 7lbs+

corvetteracer22 - Custom 408 GT47 single turbo

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A&A Vortech V-2 SQ S-Trim here: 668rwhp / 592rwtq


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97 A4, stock LS1, ATI Procharger 451rwhp / 418 rwtq
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kawasaki eric
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03 a4 coupe A&A vortech 475rwhp 435 tq
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My 99

Magnusson S/C CompCam 222/224 .566/.567 113 Borla Stingers Blackwing TPIS Headers MCM hood MSD Wires XMS Wheels 460 RWHP 488TQ Dynojet SAE Corrected

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382 stroker
812/877 saerwhp/tq
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TTi stage X
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408 twin T66's
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'99 Frc - 402 D1
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2003 Z06: Kenne Bell 2.6 @ 8#, Kooks 1 7/8 headers, Alky kit. 580hp/540tq
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02 z06-forged 347-ecs paxton
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2003 Z06, forged ECS 347, TTiX, new dyno numbers coming soon
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APS on the way, when installed on C5 i will post numbers!!
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TTi Stage X
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First generation Procharger, lg headers, 8lbs. 470rwhp/433rwtq.
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2004 A4: A&A S Trim Vortech 532rwhp/ 460rwtq
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Twin Turbo Coupe
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2001 Coupe - TTi Stage X
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A&A newest design Vortech V-2 SQ S

BTW Thank you and Happy New Year to you ProtoVette for all the help in the past!
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LPE 427TT - 621 RWHP, 754 RWTQ.
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A&A DS1C new numbers soon
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