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Kate Upton and J Verlander take delivery of a new Laguna Blue Z51 cpe w/7spd/pics****

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Default Kate Upton and J Verlander take delivery of a new Laguna Blue Z51 cpe w/7spd/pics****

I don't know about Kate Upton but I did deliver Justin Verlander a new Corvette Z06 two yrs ago(for his Father). I knew that this subject line would get everyone's attention....so here's the real story~ I sold my 1992 Corvette Convt with only 8,190 miles knowing full well that I had asked GM for an extra 2014 Z51 Cpe allocation so I wouldn't effect any of my sold orders...the plan came off without a hitch. After delivering close to 400 Stingrays since October 1st, Yesterday I rode home in my 14th Corvette that I have owned over the past 36 yrs that I have been representing America's #1 Sports car for Chevrolet! I special ordered a 2LT Z51 with the Comp seats, micro fiber inserts which gives me the micro fiber steering wheel and 7spd shifter/boot. I opted for Black wheels, Red Calipers, Navigation, Perf Exhaust, Mag ride, Stingray floor mats and rear cargo mat along with the dual roof pkg. The new Stingray is a dream on so many levels...for those of you that already own one...you know...for those of you that don't...you will know sooner then later because this 7th Generation Corvette is a World Class Sports Car!
In September Criswell Chevrolet hired a new Sales Manager named Jason Witte, with the unexpected passing of our General Sales Mgr, Brian Geist (57), on January 1st...Jason stepped into the GSM role with great experience. I had hired Jason as a 20 yr old and trained him many yrs ago. When I told him about my pending Stingray deal he asked me if it was possible that he could write some words about my Stingray delivery. Here in his own words...my Manager, even though I was his mentor...Jason shooting from the hip.

Jason and I

"On the last week of December 2002 I met Mike Furman for the first time at Damascus Chevrolet in Damascus, MD. After a nerve racking interview, my new GM Mike Furman offered me a Sales Position. I was about to begin my career in the Automotive Business at the age of 20 and couldn’t be more excited. Damascus Chevrolet was a very small family owned 3rd Generation dealership in a country town. I remember the first words that came to my mind regarding Mike Furman were “organized, athletic, professional, and a little intimidating”. I was a Chevy fan all my life and all the new vehicles surrounding me gave me goose bumps. However nothing got me as excited as the Corvettes.

One Corvette in our dealership inventory was a 2003 Anniversary Edition Convertible. It was sitting in our Service Department covered in plastic. Mike hustling by as I was admiring the car stated that he dealer exchanged the car was from a South Dakota Chevrolet dealer for a Customer of Mike's. This was one of many Corvettes we sold that year (2003). Mike grew the Corvette sales at Damascus many times over in a very short time. No small feat in a small Country town.

I look back and am grateful that I was with Chevrolet during the introduction of the 2005 C6. I remember sitting in Mike’s office when the first truckload of C6’s arrived Sept 2004. It was a quiet evening and Mike ran out to the truck to inspect the new cars. The first C6 was a Precision Red coupe. The new C6 coupe was a sold order that the buyer had backed out of just days before. Mike stepped in and bought the very first C6 ever from Damascus Chevrolet. It was a very fun time during the introduction of the C6 and eventually the C6 Z06.

After six years in the car business I stepped away but still stayed in contact with Mike. Now years later, we once again are part of the same team at Criswell Chevrolet. Words can’t express how excited I am to experience the C7 introduction with Mike Furman. Mike is a true professional and does everything the right way. His work ethic is second to none and he gives everything he has to Clients. Mike has been a positive part of my life through many different stages. Today his new Laguna Blue Z51 Coupe arrived at Criswell and I am very excited to be a part of Mike’s new Stingray delivery. Mike without question has worked very hard and certainly earned it. Congrats!" Jason Witte GSM Criswell Chevrolet

You tube video of my Stingray delivery from start to finish yesterday!


The truck arrives~

First glance at it~

Getting to see it without the travel cover is 10 minutes away~

Getting stocked in~

Cool view~

Have my build sheet~

Me, Harry Criswell, Kevin Szot GM and Jason Witte GSM

Harry Criswell and I~

Headed Home~ Corvette Wave to all!

Mike Furman~Ambassador for the Corvette Museum~
301 212 4420 desk direct
Criswell Chevrolet
Gaithersburg, MD
[email protected]

"I ship Nationwide!"


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Awesome story Mike, one of the best yet.
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After seeing all the smiles on the faces of new corvette owners the past few months, and reading their great stores, it's awesome to finally see you smiling at your own C7! I enjoyed the story behind your manager and his kind words were touching. Enjoy that new beauty.....even if I am annoyed that there wasn't a Kate Upton pic in the thread!
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Way to go Mike , very cool . I almost got that color , it's gorgeous . Good luck .....
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Great story!!!


I was at the Hershey Car Show on Sunday. I met a guy who bought Vettes from you when you were Konners. This guy has a 2009 ZR-1 and we were talking Corvettes. He said he was thinking about a 2013 ZR-1. I told him you have a crystal red one. He said he may call you. Just a heads up you know where the lead came from if he shows up. He told me someone in his family lives in your area and they want a 14. So maybe two sales

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Well what a surprise! Congratulations to you. Had a feeling when you sold your 92 that you might be up to something. A man who sells so many corvettes should have their latest model.

Very happy for you Mike! Have to go for a cruise together soon!
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I like your color choice.
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Congratulations Mike! After all the smiles you have put on faces delivering the C7, you certainly deserve one! And you ordered a beauty! Dri it vein good health!!

Kirby and Marcie
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Jason's story gave me goose bumps. Buying a new Corvette from Mike was certainly Serendipity... I had plans to buy my C7 from a dealer in New Jersey. That dealer would not take my deposit or put me on a list. Not only would Mike do both those things but he helped me through every step. Congradulations to Mike Furman and also congradulations to Jason White and Harry Criswell for having the best Damn Corvette man in the world selling cars for them...
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Congratulations, Mike. If anybody deserves to drive their dream C7 home it sure is you. Beautiful car!

Now I have only one question. You've been selling the new C7 for almost an entire model year now, and probably nobody outside GM Tech in Warren knows more about this car than you. My question is why did you choose the Z51 model and Mag Ride?
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Congratulations Mike!! Amazing story and achievement. GM should make you a statue by BG plant, at least a bust. Think how much money you made them just this year :-))))

I can't wait till I meet you Tuesday and snag that hot red one behind your car.


Ps: I can post some Kate Upton pics/videos of you like. Might get myself kicked out of the forums though!!!
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You deserve it, beautiful choice, enjoy !
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I started to say between a new Vette and Kate no wonder Verlander can't get anyone out anymore...
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way cool, Mike...congratulations on a well-earned new Corvette !
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Congratulations Mike on a well earned and deserved Corvette.

I am glad to see you finally took delivery of one yourself.

Nicely optioned.

Enjoy your new Vette.
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Mike: congratulations on joining what is getting to be a crowd. C-7 corvette owners. I am now at 9100 miles, well past the total miles on your last corvette. I hope your intention is to put lots of miles on it, because they are made to be driven.
P.S. Trip to Myrtle Beach resulted in 1st place in C-7s. Awesome car,enjoy it
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Congrats on your new car Mike and it's great to see you getting to enjoy the latest and greatest in Corvettes.
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Beautiful Mike!!! Great that you get to join us in enjoying one hell of a car. And you told me it would be a long time before you got one. Congrats

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