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Stupid Dealer Salesman

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Old 07-23-2014, 04:44 PM   #1
Tire Guy
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Default Stupid Dealer Salesman

My C6 is listed on a couple sites. Guy calls me and says:

Salesman: Your Vette still for sale?

Me: Yes.

Salesman: I have a customer that is looking for a Vette and doesn't like anything on my lot, 2008, 09, 11, but likes the color of yours, (DSOM). Is there a finders fee if my guy buys yours?

Me: No. Who are you with?

Salesman: Blankty Blank Chevrolet here in town.

Me: Any 2014s available?

Salesman: I have 3 on the lot, Red, Yellow and White.

Me: I am selling my Vette to buy a C7.

Salesman: If any of them are C7s I'll call you back.

Me: Riiiiight.

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Old 07-23-2014, 05:01 PM   #2
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Believe it or not, a very similar thing happened to me a few years back.
I had a 370Z advertised....Got a call from a Ford dealer for a customer of his, and coincidentally I was interested in a new '11 Mustang GT. They had just come out. . He said, maybe we can deal. I said sure...Gave him the specs and color of the car I wanted and he found it in 3 hours, 90 miles away. Price was invoice, trade was good, I drove 250 miles a few days later and did the deal. My guy was obviously smarter than yours..
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Old 07-23-2014, 05:27 PM   #3
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If this guy calls you back I would stay away from him. If they have any I would want to talk to the new car sales manager. Somewhere there is a mind wandering around. Maybe Russel Crow has it.
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Old 07-23-2014, 05:31 PM   #4
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Most car salesmen are clueless as are most customers until you get into specialty cars then the customers become much smarter. Or, sometimes customers just do their homework and know what they are looking at when they go to buy. I'd bet you could ask 10 people on the street weather they would rather have a 2014 Vette or a C7 Vette and they would think there's a difference.

I was looking at Jeep Grand Cherokees in late 2001 and was walking through a Jeep dealer lot and spotted one that caught my eye. I asked the salesman if it was a 6 or a V8. He said "It's a V6". I said no it's not, they don't make a V6. He insisted they did. I decided not to argue with him. I know *EVERYONE* here knows the Jeep 6 was an inline 6 back in those days, right? I'll bet there are a lot of people that don't know the difference between an inline 6 and a V6.
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Tire Guy
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This was actually my second call from a dealer. The used car manager from the other Chevy dealer in town called to want to buy my car for their lot. His price was below trade-in and about $3.5k below what I can get for it selling it myself. He said car dealers are struggling to get good used cars. I made a good counter-offer that included a purchase of a 2015 C7 and he didn't even call me back. They get very few Vettes. I wondered if they will get allocation for a 2015. Plus I believe that since I get Supplier Pricing that have less room to move the price on a trade-in.

Forum dealers with volume make things so much easier.
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