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FS: ★Quiet Down Your '14-'19 Interior in SECONDS! / Blockit Sound Deadener- FORUM SPECIAL

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FS: ★Quiet Down Your '14-'19 Interior in SECONDS! / Blockit Sound Deadener- FORUM SPECIAL

Old 07-11-2019, 02:00 PM
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Default ★Quiet Down Your '14-'19 Interior in SECONDS! / Blockit Sound Deadener- FORUM SPECIAL

For Corvette Forum Members, Enter "FORUM" (all caps) As The Coupon Code & Receive a 10% Discount!

Get rid of unwanted noise in your interior in SECONDS with the Blockit "Quick & Quiet" System!

Simply place the pre cut BLOCKIT Quick & Quiet sound deadening mats right over your existing carpet! One piece is cut for the cargo area and one piece for behind each seat.
There's no adhesive so your NOT permanently gluing weight to your car!
This is NOT a thin single layered mat. The BLOCKIT is a unique combination of 4 infused layers of real automotive grade acoustical soundproofing. FMVSS-302 Tested & approved!
Now with even MORE barrier for more noise reduction! It measures 1" thick! You loose no room in your cargo or trunk area because the Blockit squeezes down to 1/8"!

Its patent pending design absorbs and suppresses unpleasant sounds that leak into your interiors cabin. It’s perfect for taking that annoying edge off tire / road noise & some aftermarket exhausts. But not to worry, your sweet exhaust note still comes trough when you get on it!
Great for blue tooth or just having a conversation with a passenger.

NO need to rip out your carpet & interior! The precision pre cut BLOCKIT Sound Deadening System lays right on top of your carpet!
There are cut outs for the cargo hoops. So you can still use your factory shade curtain.
The durable UV protected top layer looks great and allows you to still use your cargo area. Feel free to place an aftermarket cargo mat on top!

Since there is no adhesive it’s removable. So feel free to take the Blockit out on track events. Install back for the trip home.

The BLOCKIT also helps keep your cargo/trunk area cooler by suppressing heat from underneath too!

Made in the USA!
Raw materials are from the USA!
FMVSS-302 Tested & approved!
Constructed under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!
So quick so efficient, we had filed for a patent!

3 Piece System 1 large cargo and 1 for behind each seat.

Picture below shows the piece behind the seat. Undetectable once in position.


For Corvette Forum Members, Enter "FORUM" (all caps) As The Coupon Code & Receive a 10% Discount!

Securely order online!
Coupe: Fits all Stingray, Grand Sport & Z06

Convertible: Fits All Stingray & Z06's

Some feed back from forum members...

Originally Posted by patentcad View Post
This stuff works. WhenI first got my 2017 Z51 coupe, I noticed the tire noise coming from the rear hatch area was much louder than the 2007 C6 coupe I traded against it. It made all the difference. Install time < 2 minutes which suits my limited mechanical skills.
Originally Posted by breakskeet View Post
Amazing how this works! Makes a convertible even quieter Highly recommended.
Originally Posted by BradT View Post
I have these in my 2017 GS and it is a great low effort way to cut down on the interior noise. Once they are in you forget they are there because they look so OEM.
Originally Posted by azvetteguy View Post
Absolutely incredible how quiet the car is now. GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Originally Posted by Kenpokev View Post
Hey, just a quick shout out for a good product. I installed this in my '16 Z-06 and I'm very pleased with the product quality and sound. I still clearly hear the lovely rap of the exhaust, but not a lot of the tire noise on our nasty worn roads. Very pleased with this product.
Originally Posted by Gymbow View Post
I installed the 3 piece system and finally got a chance to do a test drive this evening. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked as the improvement was immediately noticeable. The noise level inside the cabin was reduced and I had to lower the radio volume since it was so much easier to hear. I can still hear the nice sound of the engine & exhaust, but without the annoying road noises. Very pleased with this purchase.
Originally Posted by djpatrick35 View Post
It definitely made a big difference for me. It took all of a minute to put in my car and did have a noticeable effect on the sound. Great product.
Originally Posted by thptrek View Post
I installed the Blockit sound insulation mat and the behind the seat panels this weekend and I am very impressed. The mat just goes in the hatch area and the fit is excellent. I installed the two panels that go behind the seats behind the carpet. The carpet in that area is not tacked down so it is easy to do.

The mat looks very polished in the rear cargo area so I don't think that I will add an aftermarket cargo mat on top of it.

While commuting to work this morning on the freeway I really did notice a difference. I did not have to crank the radio way up and the voices and music were much clearer.

If you are looking for a real easy sound insulation solution I would recommend this product.

Originally Posted by C6Vette2009 View Post
Great product! It does work. I also bought the LLoyds cargo mat for the hatch and now the car is super quiet. It's worth the money!
Originally Posted by snowman0920 View Post
I just put one in my '05 coupe. The difference in interior sound was instantly noticable. After cranking it up I had to put the window down a little to make sure the engine was running OK.

Originally Posted by Joy c7 View Post
Worth it, made a big difference.

It did however, take me double the 30 second recommended install time, due to me flopping it in there upside down and then having to take it out and flip it over because I didn't read the instructions.
Originally Posted by casting kid View Post
I install on my 2005 and could tell a difference immediately. Now I know when the wife is in the car!Great product, does what Ed claims.

Originally Posted by RtStuf View Post
Very pleased w this addition!

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I have had mine over a year and love it.

Originally Posted by barduch View Post
Very evident reduction of noise level. Easy install under the factory carpet behind the seats as per the instructions and the rear mat was cut to perfection. Well worth the $ spent.

Originally Posted by vince48 View Post

I finally received my Block It yesterday. Install was less than 10 minutes and YES it does make a differents. Well worth the wait.


Originally Posted by fattiremike View Post
I purchased a "blockit" for the road noise coming from the back of the car. It really helped a lot. I also have a Lloyds cargo mat sitting on top of the blockit as well………….

Originally Posted by Nick996 View Post
I got mine yesterday and installed it last night.

First drive to work this morning and I can tell you it makes a big difference. Those that say it doesn't must have some really frickn' loud exhausts.

It took the resonance away that the road puts through the rear hatch area (hatch floor, plastic) and the road noise from the tires is probably cut in half.

There's also a noticeable "quietness" inside the rear now that I never had before. I always had that "white noise" behind my head from all the noises coming from the rear hatch area. Now it sounds like the entire car is quieter.

It made such a difference I am no longer worried about putting dynamat or peel and seal in my car. I will however still do the peel and seal on the floor boards under the car because now that the rear is so much quiter I hear road noise from under the car... lol.

Overall, it's a great buy and I'm glad I bought mine!!

Originally Posted by iridelow View Post
To start with, I am not a vender and do not sell these things, but WOW! What a difference. I have an 05 vert with borla stingers and love the sound. But on the interstate and highway speeds, the car is just kind of loud. Not just from the exhaust, but from road noise. So I bought the new "blockit' insolation kit sold here on the forum. Not the kind that requires you to remove the carpet or anything. Just put two pads behind the seats and one pad in you truck, or cargo area for a coupe. I drove my car at 70+ MPH for a good ways last night and WOW!!! Much smoother and peacefull sound. The stereo sounded better and the car just seems so much quieter in the cab area. I have had a C6 coupe and now have a C6 vert, and I promise you, this thing works! Just wanted to shout out a nice mod.
Originally Posted by BB 2005 View Post
installed yesterday, wife noticed the difference! Works for me. Seems to work despite the lack of software or complex electronics
Originally Posted by C607RF View Post
I received the BLOCKIT from TKO Performance just in time for

me to test it on a run to NCM. Install was a snap.

Good product, promptly shipped,

The noise difference is very noticeable and makes the Bose sound better. I am very happy with this


Rich, Cinn. OHIO

Originally Posted by Wass View Post
I was at Carlisle and the Blockit was sold out, so I bought the demo kit that was inside the Corvette parked under the TKO tent. In my opinion, it was worth it because it works. My C6 is very loud, as it is cammed, etc., with headers & NPP. It has an annoying low rpm drone. With muffler flaps open it is unbearable for cruising below 1,950 rpms. Even with flaps closed, the drone was very annoying below 1,950. Most of my cruising is between 1,700 and 1,950 rpms in 6th gear with 4.10 gears. With the blockit installed, the drone is gone at these rpms with flaps closed. Not just reduced, but gone. Below 1,700 drone is reduced to a bearable level.
With muffler flaps open the drone is reduced with the kit, but still louder than my comfort level. But it's a moot point now.
Originally Posted by LOUSVETTE View Post
Worth the couple of bucks it costs
Originally Posted by okbkvette View Post
Did it myself last week. Like it. I also put the pieces behind the seats UNDER the carpet. Cleaner look.

Originally Posted by Dif View Post
I have it also and give it a

Glad I got it and it makes a nice difference

Originally Posted by T's C6 View Post

Originally Posted by laread View Post
I bought it from TKO as part of the group purchase. I think it is well worth the investment. It really reduces cabin noise from the Goodyear run flat tires.

Originally Posted by Jakeross View Post
I have had mine installed about a week. The noise difference is very noticable and makes the Bose sound better. I am very happy with this purchase. Not able to tell about the cabin heat since it has been in tthe 100's here.

Originally Posted by 9C1 View Post
I'm happy with my BLOCKIT drop in kit. I have had it on several road trips and it does work. Easy install too. I can't say about the heat. It was relatively cool last few weeks. Now Summer is here.

Originally Posted by rpoz06 View Post
Having had Blockit in my Z06 - I thought it did a great job reducing noise so I added it to the C7 - Z51.
It arrived packaged well. Easy install with a precise fit. I was able to use the rings and shade. I found it able to make a nice noise reduction on all surfaces around Little Rock including interstate and different road surfaces including concrete and asphalt.

I'm very happy with the product!

Originally Posted by doopoco View Post
…..On rough pavement we can actually have a conversation without yelling. Stereo sounds great but we can still hear and feel that awesome exhaust!

Thanks TKO

Originally Posted by Boiler2 View Post
Installed on my C7 Z06. TRANSFORMATIONAL! The reduction in tire noise is astonishing. Being an engineer I had planned to use my laboratory dB meter to measure noise levels with and without the TKO Blockit kit. As it turns out there is no need to do so because the noise reduction is truly dramatic. This kit is a "must have" for all but deaf C7 owners. I had a '14 Z51 which had hellacious tire noise. I was exhausted after driving it for 3-4 hours. The '15 Z06 was significantly quieter and rides more smoothly....think Chevy vehicle engineers softened the suspension bushings. Seems to be well known that the '15 is a quieter car. Just can't believe how such a relatively inexpensive and easily installed kit can be so effective. I could now drive the car across country....yes, it's that good.
Originally Posted by Spinny View Post
I have used this product on my C6 and C7 and am very satisfied. It works as advertised.

Originally Posted by tome View Post
Well, I had a chance to test drive my car on some roads that previously had some serious tire noise due to the road conditions. For the ease of installation and simpleness of the product; I'm very pleased with the it. I was able to lower my radio volume from where it used to be, and hold conversations without raising my voice. In fact I am now aware of other noises that I hadn't previously heard.

So bottom line: I'd recommend(your hearing my vary) .

I can't say it's equal to the kits that require full interior dis-assembly since I didn't do that, but I definitely feel there is value in the product. If you are in Southern Calif and want to try in your car, come by and we'll throw it in and you can hear for yourself. Or just take my car for a test drive.


Originally Posted by C7X46 View Post
I installed these two items to help with road noise and was blown away at the difference it made. The reduction in noise from the rear of the car is staggering, I highly suggest it if you are annoyed by tire noise. Be careful in touring mode you might fall asleep.

Originally Posted by GizmoZ View Post
I ordered two sets of the three piece kit-- one for me and one for my dad. We both agree that there is absolutely a noticeable difference after the mats were installed. The car is noticeably quieter at highway speeds. We're both happy with them!

Originally Posted by GizmoZ View Post
We're still happy with ours. Definitely takes the edge off tire noise/rumble on the highway.
Originally Posted by MRHTRD View Post
Received my set of sound deadeners yesterday and promptly installed them in about 10 minutes.
Started the car in my garage and could hardly hear the exhaust with the windows up. Backed it outside ( a lot of snow here now ) and tried the same thing, windows down ,windows up. I will not get to take the Z06 out until spring, but I can tell you that there is a substantial difference in the noise factor just sitting in the car and listening to it run.

Great product. Can't wait to do a more extensive test in the spring, but initially this seems to be a great product !!

Many thanks,

Originally Posted by txapezl1 View Post
Got mine in today. 5 minute install. Works great. Fit and finish on point. Nicely done. Highly recommend. Not a bad way to spend $220. (In my Toretto voice).
Originally Posted by griff122 View Post
I just installed mine (took about 2 min) and the difference is night and day. Definitely recommend.

Originally Posted by joemessman View Post
I installed the basic 3 piece set and they really cut down on the road and noise.

Originally Posted by tr6drvr View Post
3pc set with aftermarket carpet on top in hatch works great. Almost too great for exhaust sound.

I installed Mich A/S tires which helped a lot but the Block-it mats finished the job. Almost no road and tire noise. And I still have the deadmats to install if I want.

Originally Posted by iew View Post
I can now carry a conversation and listen to radio. The Blockit Kit was super easy to install maybe 5 minutes. Amazing reduction of road noise.

Originally Posted by The Sea View Post
Got mine for my 16 coupe and works like a charm..Very easy to install.

Jerry in Minnesota.

Originally Posted by zras01 View Post
I added the "blockit" to my 2008 C6 and it made a huge difference in the cabin noise. I can actually have a conversation and/or listen to the radio without the overwhelming road noise that is usually generated in the cargo area. Great Product.

Originally Posted by mtaxman View Post
Just got my Blockit mats today and did a roadtest on the concrete I16 around Savannah and a couple miles on local black top.

Super easy install - drop in and forget it. I have a coupe.

Big rear mat had the slits for rings.

Put my Stingray logo rear carpet on top of the mat and also put the mats behind the seats.

I can tell a difference in noise ; can hear the radio better and believe a long cruise will be far more pleasant.

Originally Posted by joemessman View Post
I have the Blockit mats. My wife can hear like you wouldn't believe. She is the perfect test for these. She stated to me that there was a significant difference in sound reduction. That's good enough for me. I thought there was a difference too, but I didn't want to rule out wishful thinking on my part so I had her listen before and after.

Originally Posted by NSC5 View Post
I put it in my 2016 Z06 last week and the difference is very noticeable. Less tire noise, radio volume setting is lower now and much more enjoyable. As another poster noted the exhaust sound now stands out more; my Z06 exhaust is normally set to track mode.
I did notice the action of the Bose audio pilot (auto volume compensation) is much more noticeable now and I turned it off.

Originally Posted by Travlee View Post
obviously super simple to put install, in a 10 min trip to the store... noticeably quieter. i have LTH, high flow cats, and factory npp. to me it sounded like i had the flaps closed.. maybe even more quiet than that.

…… is it worth the $230?? to me yeah, because i am lazy don't want to pull all the carpet out.... so with that being said, money well spent to me

Originally Posted by peterg943 View Post
I received and installed my "Block It" order today. Took the car out for a ride when I was done and found it was much quieter. In my opinion, this stuff is fantastic. I do have to say that covering it with the mat completes the look.

Originally Posted by Maxie2U View Post

Really reduced road noise without reducing the exhaust note. Now I don't need to turn the radio up so high.

Must have add-ons. Worth the $$.

Originally Posted by javenius View Post
Received order and wrinkles were gone after laying out overnight.

Got a chance to "install" today and take a quick ride before the weather arrived. Pleased to say wife and I observed a noticeable reduction in road noise and it was easier to converse.

Originally Posted by TonyS45 View Post
Installed the three piece Block It in my 2003 coupe and found that it works very well to calm down the drum-like acoustical problem of the rear hatch area.

Two thumbs up for this product.
Originally Posted by patentcad View Post
Noticeably reduced the tire road noise reverberating through the rear compartment. When I first got the car I noticed that early on - the rear hatch area magnifying that sound of the big Z51 tires (my C6 was not a Z51). The Block It reduced that considerably.

Originally Posted by shot410ga View Post
I bought the set from Blockit. It seemed to cut the exhaust roar down about 1/3. Worth the $229 I paid.

Originally Posted by DAC17 View Post
This stuff works! Put it in, didn't tell the wife and she said "is your car quieter than normal?"
I guess that's a good test of the sound-deadening ability!

Originally Posted by bonzo View Post
Finally put the top up. Certainly can tell the difference. Car is a bit quieter, you still hear the roar at take off from dead stops and when u hit the gas. But when cruising it's a nice peaceful quiet. But even more important to me, my c5 is a daily driver and living in Fl it gets really hot. I've noticed that my trunk is a lot cooler. Every night when I leave work I put my laptop bag in the trunk and I think hope the heat doesn't kill this thing. Well since the block it install the trunk with the top up or down seems much cooler. Well worth the price of admission lol.

Originally Posted by mjdart View Post
I ordered the 3 piece set for my Z06 and yeah it really works. I noticed a significant reduction in road noise. The pads are pretty heavy (dense) which I'm sure contributes to the effectiveness at reducing noise.
Originally Posted by javenius View Post
I got my sound deadening kit for my vert from TKO Performance. Kit came with a mat for the trunk and a piece for behind each of the front seats. Noticeable improvement.

QUOTE=rblakeney;1596310472]…..Another thing I did was add the Blockit sound deadening mats to the rear hatch area. These things actually work well to attenuate the wind and road noise so that the exhaust sound comes through. I am surprised how well they work for this and it was unexpected.
My car is an 89 with the L98 engine, ….[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by dctex99 View Post
Received mine today; installed and drove; it really does make a difference; Thanks for making a great product; I personally wish Corvette would offer a "sound deadening" option as I would buy it even if it was somewhat costly!!! This works great and easy to install!!, Dwight Alexander

Originally Posted by PDXC7 View Post
.…the wait was worth it. They cut the sound down dramatically, and I can listen to music at a normal level without having to crank it up in order to drown out tire noise. Great product.

Originally Posted by jimmbbo View Post
I dropped in a set of Block It sound mats (cargo area plus one behind each seat) in my C7 Stingray coupe.
Using the Decibel X Pro app, I measured 2 - 5 dB lower noise levels on varying roads at varying speeds, which was noticeable, but more importantly, the cargo pad cut down the reverberations from the drum head that is the cargo floor and reduced the noise spikes generated by road joints and seams... The 'Vette is now about as quiet as my '11 Mustang GT 5.0, my previous "touring" car...
The pads aren't cheap, and do add weight, but they attenuate much of the most annoying noise from the back of the car. IMO worth the money.

Originally Posted by shot410ga View Post
I bought one of these kits, and they work. I have a very loud ZO6 , and the kit reduced the noise level down considerably. As least according to my wife, who did not like the roar. Well worth the cash. Fits right in, took about 3 minutes to install and looks OK.
Originally Posted by twowinns View Post
I received my Blockit kit last week and today I received it’s companion Lloyd’s cargo mat today. Everything fits and looks perfect. Best of all, I can really tell a noticeable improvement in road noise inside the cabin. I never measured the db’s before and after the install, but it certainly is quieter and more comfortable.
Originally Posted by WV Vette View Post
Put them in my '17 Z06 vert and it made a difference in the road and tire noise. Sounds like a $100K car should have came from the factory
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