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Bracket racing a slow street car

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Default Bracket racing a slow street car

On a whim I decided to go bracket racing after a 2 Ĺ month lapse. With the lack of seat time and zero time on the practice tree expectations were one of just relaxing and having fun. Threw the drag radials on the pony and headed out to the track. Instead of my lone self this trip included my wife and two friends who never saw a bracket race.

Got to the track without incident and set up camp. Relaxed and waited for the first time shot call. This was an evening race with the first time shot at 6 pm but the first time for me racing in the hot Floridian heat so here goes.

Settings 30 lbs all tires, shallow stage, off idle, foot just touching gas pedal, right lane.RT . 0879 60í 2.3141 1/8 ET 9.4902 MPH78.70. Ouchie Moma. RT should have been something red with this setup. I just sat on the tree. Throw this one out.
2nd time shot was a bit better. Same set up as the last run. Really focused this time. RT .0001 60í 2.2967 1/8 ET 9.4286 MPH 79.11. Ok much better and where I thought the car should be. Ready for eliminations.

1st round and the temps and humidity are dropping in the sunset. I decided to keep the same settings but lift my foot off the gas to setup for a safe .020 light, dial a 9.45 and drive top end on the finish. Competitor is dialed a faster 7.37. Staged and the lights come down and me being the slower car launch first. BAMB win light pops up in the other lane. UGHAHAH. Run the car out to a -.0205 red RT 2.2934 60í and go 9.4197 at 79.06mph. Faster car also went red by -.0019 and crossed running 7.3638 at 93.01. I felt good on my staging and on hitting my spot on the tree. The street car just reacted quicker in the cooler less humid air. Car was suddenly .040 (remember I took .020 off by lifting my right foot) quicker on the tree and there arenít a lot of options to slow the pony down. Discussed things with my wife and she insisted that I buy back for round 2. Who am I to go against my wifeís orders?

2rd round. I decided to angle stage to slow the reaction down but didnít have a clue on how much I would pick up ET wise. Pull a 9.37 WAG dial on the car. Call to lanes and I pull back into the staging lanes. Guess who Iím matched up with? Mr. Round 1 winner in his 7 second Nova once again. I am delighted in getting another shot at this guy and feel really confidant. I decided to play it really safe on the tree and lift my foot off the gas to be sure I cut a green light. I go in slow and stop. Turn the wheel to the outside of the track and slowly go in and turn the pre-stage on and stop. Once again just bump in gently to make the staged light glow while sitting at an angle. Tree comes down and I launch. Wooo woooo no red this time. Opponent launches and goes red again. We both run things out. Iím .0452 green, 2.2408 60í and go 9.3345 at 78.25mph. Other guy went -.0028 red (can you say I dodged a bullet) 7.3637 ET at 93.05mph. That was a very consistent car and driver.

3rd round. Kept things the same but dialed a 9.33. Up against the #4 points guy dialed 6.19. With this much of a difference in top end I canít judge the top end so just have to dial hard and run things out. I go out first again (big surprise I think I have the slowest car in the pits). I watch him in the mirror as he charges down the track. We cross with me a tad in front and I get the winning .0169 MOV. I was .0741 on the tree 2.2515 60í and went 9.3545 at 79.31. Opponents better but loosing .0641 RT and 6.2414 at 106.26. I think he dumped me just before the stripe. Iíll take the win.

After midnight at this point and call for round 4. This is a ladder and Iím into the money round. Up against a fast s10 truck dialed 6.35. She has lane choice and moves me into the left lane. This is bad because I donít have a reference to start my angle stage in this lane. Oh well here we go again. I keep my (lucky) 9.33. Thinking back on the race I now remember that the weather changed again and it got really humid (after midnight in southwest florida). I didnít think too much it at the time. More humid means slower. Duah. We stage and Iím out first with a green. Down the track and watching the S10 rumple down. Gets to my rear bumper and umpah- umpah as she comes around. Oh no! She crosses way in front (.0950 MOV) and still gets the win. The lady cut a .0490 light and went dead on 6.3552. My best light of the night .0173 was good but I didnít come close with a 2.2846 60í and an ugly 9.4619 at 79.93mph. Pony really slowed down between the 60í and 330í marker. The added .03 on the 60í didnít help as well (didnít stage on the same spot). Most likely the car doesnít like the humidity.

Oh well at least I made it to the last 6 cars and got $50 back from the track. Had a great time and the first timer tag-a- long was floored on whatís involved in bracket racing. I spent my ďwinningsĒ on lunch with my wife the next afternoon. Do you think she had that planned when she told me to buy back in?
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Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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Kaz, it's too bad I couldn't get over there. I usually go up on Friday night to the middle of the state to LP but it was raining so hard I left the Corvette home no sense in killing my self. DOTS and rain don't mix LOL. Try to make the next race over there if the weather is looking decent. Watch out for that s10 she is a tough cookie.
Any time you get into the finals at that track you doing good. Everybody over there is tough cookies and brownies....
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Nice job...especially with the long layoff.

Angle staging?? I wonder if that would work on my car? It's already a bit of a handfull leaving straight.
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Originally Posted by 99ZX9R View Post
Nice job...especially with the long layoff.

Angle staging?? I wonder if that would work on my car? It's already a bit of a handfull leaving straight.
I do the angle thing because I have no other option (I launch in 2nd gear) in slowing the car's RT. It's do able because the car has no power, hooks on dirt, and is slow comming out. Tuning away from the outside wall is no big deal. Mustang is set to go shallow off the second amber.
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