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    Callaway intake, Kooks headers, MSD intake, ported TB, YT rockers.
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  1. olddragger
    12-02-2016 09:56 AM
    Just wanted to thank you for youre support and forum friendship during my time with the ZO6.
    I may be letting it go. The latest engine "noise" placed me at a crossroad and I have to make a decision.
    After full evaluation, I knew for the car to be at my standards, although perfectly drivable, I was going to have to replace the cam, springs, rocker arms, lifters, clutch, brakes,and the drivers seat cover. A substantial investment. Nothing special about my Z to warrant that kind of money. Maybe German. Something different. Would you believe a Porsche Macan S? That platform has a lot of potential and I do love that trans, comfort, ease of parking and functionality. Twin turbos are a bonus lol.
    Going to Perimeter Porsche this evening. A physician that I know professionally, traded his in this week. Very low mileage etc
    If this deal falls through then its to Vengeance racing as I don't want to pull my cam/clutch out at home. Getting to old
    I will let you know
  2. olddragger
    11-08-2016 08:47 AM
    You ran barber Sunday? Sweet. Beautiful track, by far not my favorite layout , but immaculate grounds and top notch facility. I am glad ambient temps/humidity were in your favor! Those are very nice system temps. Coolant only got to 205F--wow---that's perfect. Oil temps not back either. That was with 20w/50 right?
    Were you running --say 8/10's are so? I believe you run street tires?
    You must have your tune pretty well dialed in now--- so now you can tune mine
    I bet you enjoyed the power and I guess the mag shocks have been installed?

    But, to my idea--in reference to the c7 secondary radiator---exactly. They stole the idea from me lol. I ran a secondary setup years ago.
  3. olddragger
    11-07-2016 11:45 AM
    Hi Dan,
    Been coasting a while. Hope you and yours are all doing well.
    Enjoyed your work concerning the yellow teras etc. Nicely done.
    Would like your opinion on something? I continue to see cooling questions posted on the forum and I have an idea that is fairly simple and relatively inexpensive that solves cooling issues for people in just about any environment. Its a secondary radiator system that I have designed. It uses the heater coolant supply which makes the plumbing simple. I have some years of experience in using it on rotary engines. Most effective cooling modification I have ever seen.
    It simply works.
    Do you think there would be enough market population that would want such an idem? It would be 1/2 the cost of a dewitts and work much better on track. Whats your thoughts?
    Motor on Dan
  4. olddragger
    05-11-2016 09:47 PM
    Dan clear your pm box a little
  5. 03-20-2016 10:55 AM
    Dan could you pass along contact info for Yella Terra. I broke a rocker arm and you like to buy a set for on cylinder and not a complete set. I might even buy a spare. Lol
  6. olddragger
    02-01-2016 05:42 PM
    I would do it myself Dan. it is no big deal. it is just a hole with a valve. No magic in doing a TB. I have done a few. You are right too--keep the factory shape. getting rid of the accordion tube is a big help in itself.
    It would be interesting to do a self port --record the results--then send it to the vendor and let them port--then test the results once more.
  7. Dan_the_C5_Man
    01-22-2016 02:53 PM
    Send me your intake and TB.....your looking at $600 + $250 for the TB and it will be the best money you ever spent I assure you. It will feel like a different engine when you get it installed and tuned

    No compromise except the temporary lightening of your wallet.....all pluses from the standpoint of improvements in response, drivability, torque and power production

    Take the know my reputation....I promise you will love the results


    PS....If you send me both I will take $50 off the price.....a total of $800....the performance gains more than justify the cost of admission
  8. Dan_the_C5_Man
    01-22-2016 02:53 PM
    ..And now his response..

    Anthony Mamo
    23:31 (15 hours ago)

    to me

    Just send me the intake to port and straighten out the runners properly.....I cant give you a crash course in porting an MSD via email and you would still need to have the right tools and skill set to pull it off. Have a pro handle it for you or just leave it alone.....that's the best advice I could probably give you. It will improve performance everywhere as clearly evident in this recent customers results.

    Also....dont wait another minute to send me your stock TB for porting.....the difference is night and day in how the car drives and it will make more power.
  9. Dan_the_C5_Man
    01-22-2016 02:52 PM
    Again, I am paranoid about port velocity. If the MSD with a stock cam and TB, headers and CAI will cost me ANY HP or Tq anywhere, I will probably just sell it to someone that cares more about top-end numbers. If you feel it doesn't stall the ports at low RPM (I am taking about 1500 RPM and up), I will keep it, might hit you up for a set of covers (I have to assume porting this is a bad idea for my combo - but please give me your honest opinion in to keep or sell).

    Thanks in advance Tony! -ds-

    Dan_the_C5_Man on CF
  10. Dan_the_C5_Man
    01-22-2016 02:52 PM
    2. I see there is a small gap on the bottom of the runners, in the middle, near where the long bolt passes through. Should I try and tighten the nut to force the gap closed (I am worried it will crack or break the epoxy loose), or fill it in with RTV, or leave it alone (do you think it will cause any HP loss or cylinder imbalance)?

    3. Finally, I do NOT ever plan to put a cam in this LS7 - I am only doing headers, heads with small amount of exhaust port work, etc. I probably wont even replace the TB - may keep the stock 90mm. So, for my set up, do you feel I will lose ANY Tq down low over the stock manifold? I am ok with "break even", but not "lose"..
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