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Excellent Article: Both Liberals' Arrogance And Ignorance Are Our Weapons

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Excellent Article: Both Liberals' Arrogance And Ignorance Are Our Weapons

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Default Excellent Article: Both Liberals' Arrogance And Ignorance Are Our Weapons

We are now in the "attack" stage



The Conservative Camp ^ | April 23, 2010 | Robert Ditmar
Posted on April 23, 2010 5:26:56 PM CDT by The Conservative Camp

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.”

While Mahatma Ghandi is often credited for making this famous statement during India’s campaign for independence from British rule, it is actually disputed as a misattribution. In fact, a very close variant of the quote seems to have first appeared in the General Executive Board Report and Proceedings, Biennial Convention, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (1914) , a U.S. trade union. It seems that Nicholas Klein, while addressing the union during the convention, said;

"And, my friends, in this story you have a history of this entire movement. First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you. And that is what is going to happen to the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America."

Whether Ghandi knowingly cited the Klein address or said the statement exactly as it is often quoted is not really all that important. What is important, however, is the absolute truth that this famous quote holds. With our vantage point on history, we can see how this statement seems to have correlated to those events in which Ghandi led a non-violent resistance to the British, passing through each of these phases to India’s eventual victory in securing its ultimate goal as an independent, sovereign nation.

So, how does a quote, coined almost 100 years ago by a garment trade union and associated with a national independence movement against the British Empire apply to the state of affairs in Obama’s America today?

The answer is very simple; the Obama regime and his liberal allies, acting against the will of the American people in a reckless power grab, coupled with destructive legislation that guarantees financial enslavement to our posterity, is proving to be the most arrogant, corrupt administration in our history. Their ignorance of what the overwhelming majority of Americans actually want, and their willingness to simply ignore the electorate to ram a new socialist world order down our collective throats is giving rise to a scale of distrust in the federal government not seen since at least the early 1990s, and more likely, the early 1860s.

Despite this, there is a silver lining for conservatives, independents and the vast majority of Americans who are center-right in their politics. By their very actions, the leftists now running this country have taken off their masks, showing their true colors to the world. The voters now see Obama’s obvious desire of turning America into a socialist, second-class nation and that his regime has a preference of using totalitarian methods to attain their goals. The ends justify the means, after all.

Every action Obama takes, from forcing an unwanted, extremely unpopular and economically destructive socialized health-care bill through a Democrat-controlled, rubber stamp Congress, to his aggressive, Chicago-style thug tactics of taking over private sector businesses such as General Motors, Wall Street banks, to his decision of simply doing an “end-around” the Senate to avoid the legislative process by ordering the E.P.A. to dictate a command-and-control seizure of the private sector to force devastating reductions on carbon emissions, are all indicative of the “progressive”-liberal Democrats’ total contempt for the American people.

No different than any other totalitarian, banana republic dictatorship, the Obama regime forces upon an unwilling population its “change you can believe in” socialist policies through a campaign of misinformation, deceit and non-transparent, backroom deals. Like totalitarians everywhere, they tell the citizens one thing, then do the exact opposite of what they promised, and then tell the people to believe what he is telling them, not what they are actually seeing, even if it defies their common sense. To quote Michigan Democrat Congressman John Dingell, this is the way the left can “control the people.”

Yet, normal, hard-working Americans are seeing the forest through the trees, and they understand that the path the Obama regime is currently taking us down will eventually destroy our nation as we have known it for almost 230 years. They can see how the leftist regime continually flip-flops on their promises, statements and policies, all the while adding to our national deficit and vastly increasing every citizen’s tax burdens to finance a huge, unwanted welfare state.

They understand that Obama does not believe in our system of representative government under the rule of law defined in the U.S. Constitution. In fact, they clearly see Obama’s total contempt and disdain of the Constitution as nothing but an annoying “thorn in the side,” to be ignored and even stamped out for good.

They see the regime taking vast quantities of money from the hands of the nation’s producers and using the cash to buy-off support and votes of the regime’s favored special interest groups and minorities. They see Obama currying favor with Americans who do not pay taxes, but live off the labor of others. They understand that the Obama regime is practicing divisive identity politics, as all good liberals and totalitarians do. The Obama regime pits the “haves” against the “have-nots” and then pretends to solve the very problem that they created in the first place.

They see Obama going around the world, apologizing for the “sins” and “atrocities” that America has allegedly committed, causing pain to the world. They see Obama and his liberal friends as viewing the world through a prism in which America is the root of all evil and the primary problem that must be stopped. They see an American president insulting our traditional, democratic allies and destroying what once were strong alliances with nations that share our values of liberty and freedom. They watch as Obama treats Israel as a terrorist state while treating Britain to insults and indignation.

As Obama continues working toward his goal of destroying our relationships with democratic nations, concerned Americans watch in embarrassment as their president coddles left wing and Islamist dictators and authoritarian regimes. They see him accommodate the likes of Iran, North Korea, Cuba and the anti-American Venezuelan dictator, Marxist Hugo Chavez. It is not lost on most Americans that Obama seems more comfortable around the likes of these Islamist and Marxist authoritarian regimes, almost endeared to them.

Thanks to new media tools such as the Internet, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and talk radio, not to mention Fox News, normal Americans now have alternatives to the leftward-leaning mainstream media. No longer can the liberal, Obama-praising media filter and mold what will become “the news” with their slants that favor everything the Democrats and Obama say or do. Today everyone can go to these new media resources, see the news in an unfiltered manner to make their own decision as to what is true, what is right, what is false and what is wrong. Again, the vast majority of Americans who are seeing the true story for the first time are becoming fully aware of the falsehoods the Obama regime attempts to cover-up. The new media is outing the truth for the first time, and Americans do not like what they are seeing.

Thanks to the new media, center-right Americans are also discovering that they are, by far, in the majority of public opinion, while the radical liberal left is a minority by comparison. No longer can the leftwing mainstream press convince us that if we are conservative in our opinion, we are a tiny minority that should shut up and best keep to ourselves. The genie is out of the bottle!

Americans by the millions, now see liberals and the Obama regime for what they truly are. By an overwhelming two-third majority of the population, millions of Americans, many who have never been political activists in the past, are, for the first time, speaking out loudly to call the Obama regime’s bluff. They now realize his regime is thoroughly anti-American, anti-constitutionalist and pro-Marxist. Seeing Obama’s actions as designed to undermine the U.S. as a free market, individualistic society, have finally turned those millions of formerly apathetic Americans into political activists, giving rise to the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is uniquely American, in its spontaneous foundation, its grassroots growth, and its ability to transcend race, political parties and special interests. The Tea Party is nothing more than loosely associated groups of millions of normal Americans who want to see a return to the Constitution as the basis upon which all laws are made and under which all areas of American life are governed. They want to see politicians quit pork-barrel spending and stop allowing special interests to control policy and governing direction.

The Tea Partiers see an out-of-control federal government that is simply digging us into ruin by spending more of our money on continued big-government welfare programs. They understand that we do not have this money, and that we are spending more than we can ever pay back. They see never-ending tax burdens on our incomes, not only at the federal level, but also at the state and local levels. On top of the taxes they already must fork over to government programs, Americans fear the additional hidden national tax burden in the form of the federally-imposed Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will soon levy a tax on every stage of the production process of every good consumed in America, and those costs will be passed to everyday Americans, even those who make less than the $250,000 dollars that Obama promised would not see tax increases.

The Tea Partiers see the federal government creating a huge nanny-state monstrosity, to be borne on the backs of the average taxpayer. They see a federal government that is hell-bent on forcing even further intrusions into our personal lives and decisions at every level.

The Tea Party, while angry over all the financial burdens, are just as angry at the huge levels of corruption and disregard of national sovereignty that the Obama regime continues to push. They see how Obama is doing every end-around the legislative process via executive orders while using a shadow-government of appointed “czars” who only answer to Obama.

Members of the Tea Party are made up from the diverse spectrum of American citizens, and largely mirror the population as a whole. There are black Americans, white Americans, native Americans, Asian Americans, gay and lesbian Americans. There are rich Americans, poor Americans, middle class Americans, all of who are essentially, normal, hard working Americans. There are conservatives, independents, moderates, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Objectivists participating in the movement. They come from all walks of life and are bonded in their activism mainly out of concern for the wrong direction Obama is taking us and their love for this country and its institutions. They have come together to hold their government accountable.

Like all totalitarians, the Obama regime’s methods and goals cannot stand up to such critical scrutiny, because what Obama tells the electorate is nothing but a fašade to what his true intentions really are. Because the Tea Party is peacefully protesting the Obama regime’s ruinous policies and demanding transparency and accountability, and because they represent the majority of American public opinion, the movement has become a “threat” to Obama’s ambition of doing a socialist makeover of America. So he has resorted to the very tactics of the famous quote misattributed to Ghandi.

At first, the Obama regime and its mainstream media lapdogs at MSNBC and CNN, ignored and disregarded the Tea Party movement as nothing more than a small group of “angry white males in suits.” Despite the millions of Americans participating in the first Tea Party tax day protests of 2009, Obama’s media honchos downplayed their significance, citing Tea Party attendance at events around the country as numbering in no more than the “hundreds or less.” They tried to make a non-issue of the fledgling movement, in effect, to “ignoring them” to make them seem insignificant. It did not work.

In response of their failure to curb the popularity of the Tea Party using the tactic of ignoring the fledgling movement, the dutiful Obama-loving MSM lapdogs immediately changed tactics, attacking the Tea Party as nothing but a bunch of uneducated, redneck, white, old people, homophobe racist bigots. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, a “journalist” whose show continues to collapse in the ratings, coined the term “tea-baggers” and applied the label to all members of the Tea Party in a blatant attempt to ridicule and mock members of the movement. The term, which refers to a disgusting sexual practice, became a favorite moniker of the left with which to defame the movement. MSNBC has made frequent use of the term, intertwining it with all types of derogatory labels to make crude jokes about the mentality of the Tea Partiers on an almost nightly basis. By making fun of, and labeling, all members of the movement in such a way as to make them out to be ridiculous “right-wing extremist clowns” outside of the American mainstream, the left was hoping to silence the movement and put an end to opposition of the Obama agenda. Yet this failed as much as ignoring the Tea Party, and the movement continued to grow exponentially.

Realizing the popularity of the Tea Party and the threat it presents to his agenda, the Obama regime has now resorted to attacking the Tea party, using the time-honored methods of countless Chicago-machine thugs and tin-pot dictators the world over; he has manufactured allegations of racism (non-existent) as the main motivator of the Tea Party movement. The leftists in the media, Congress and the White House have begun using the race card as a means of intimidating Americans into shutting up and going home. After all, nothing in America carries a more negative stigma than an individual being labeled a “racist” or being associated with “racist” movements.

The race card is a favorite trump card of liberals. However, it is no longer working, because liberals have overplayed this card way too often and have made Americans immune to the race baiting industry. They are intelligent and can see when the race card is being played by political hacks to gain an advantage; while at the same time is used to keep minorities in a continued state of dependence on the government.

Trying to tie Republicans and the Tea Party movement to extreme, right wing terrorism, Obama’s cronies have begun accusing the Tea Party of being controlled by the G.O.P. and has called for the Republican leadership to “apologize” for non-existent “coming acts of violence” by Tea Party “extremists.” By using such inflammatory language, the Democrats hope that some future domestic act of terrorism can be blamed on the “dangerous” movement.

Yet in spite of the attempt to create an artificial crisis of “hatemongering, extremist Tea-baggers,” there have been absolutely no reports of violence or racist attacks against minorities by members of the Tea Party. All of their protests have been peaceful, and, to the dismay of leftist Democrats, they have been open to all Americans, regardless of race, religion or party affiliation.

In fact, the only violence that has occurred at any Tea Party protest or town hall meetings have been leftist, Obama-supporting union thug attacks against the movement’s peaceful protesters. Last summer, SEIU members savagely beat a black American who was part of the town hall meetings.

More recently, a young couple who are also Republican staffers of Bobby Jindal were set upon by a group of thugs when they left a G.O.P. fundraiser in New Orleans and were severely beaten. The woman suffered a compound fracture of her leg and lacerations and the man with her received a broken jaw. The assailants were heard to be verbally abusing the staffers because they were Republicans and one of the staffers were wearing a Sarah Palin button. The violence has come from the “tolerant left” entirely.

Both of these incidents have been captured on video, but ironically, not one of the accusations leveled at the Tea Party by the venomous left have borne any evidence to prove their claims. Andrew Breitbart, who runs several popular conservative websites, even made an offer to give $100,000 dollars to the United Negro College Fund upon the presentation of any verifiable recording or video that proves allegations of racist harassment and spitting at black members of Congress by Tea Party members during a recent protest in Washington. Despite his generous offer, and the fact that there were thousands of people with cameras and recording devices who were present at the alleged event, not one person or group has accepted Breitbart’s offer by coming forward with any evidence to back up these allegations.

Despite the lack of any true evidence, the Obamabots have continued to up the ante. They are now resorting to the tactic of accusing the Tea Party and its supporters of serious charges bordering on terrorism and treason. They have begun associating acts of non-existent “future” violence as being the fault of “seditious acts” of the Tea Party movement. Obama liberals and Democratic bigwigs, such as Clinton, now accuse those in the movement and those on talk radio and the conservative blogosphere as using “hate speech to incite violent acts against the Federal Government.” Joe Klein, an ardent liberal Obama supporter from Time Magazine, has even accused Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Fox News of committing acts of “sedition against the U.S. government.”

Leveling serious charges of so-called sedition against Americans who are exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully protest are meant to silence the voices of the American majority with intimidation. The hope is that calling the actions of Tea Party members “treasonous” and possibly “criminal,” are a way to frighten individuals into dropping their signs to run home and tape their mouths shut. It is a blatant attempt to make American citizens feel isolated and vulnerable to possible charges of criminal acts of sedition against their government. Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t be frightened by the prospect of their government coming in the dark of night to knock on your door and drag you away to face punishment for your “treasonous” acts? This is what the left wants you to think like.

We are currently in the phase of the "being attacked" process as described in that famous quote. The Obama regime is now attacking the Tea Party and all opposition to his plans, using all means at his disposal. By labeling the American people as part of a “racist, seditious movement," Obama can threaten prosecution everyday Americans for “incitement to violence, sedition and extremism” of non-events which have never taken place. This is intimidation intended to shut down opposition and silence the American people.

But a strange, unintended thing is happening. Despite all these efforts to silence and destroy the voices of opposition in America, Obama’s tactics are only strengthening them. Every time the MSM tries to figure out just “who these Tea-baggers really are and what do they really want?” the movement grows. Every time Obama insults the American people with further socialist programs outside of the constitutional legislative process, the movement grows. Every time the leftist Obama regime attempts to use threats and intimidation against Americans, and then tries to use identity politics to divide us and pit one group against another, the movement grows.

What Obama and his cronies do not understand is that the American people are not easily intimidated into surrendering their individual liberties. In fact, the outright power grab and oppressive methods used by the Obama regime to consolidate power have had the opposite effect. Americans by the millions have rediscovered their Constitution and exactly what their rights are. They have discovered that their opinion is that of the vast majority of Americans and that they outnumber the left. They have discovered just how far off track the left has pushed our country and are realizing that the vast majority of the federal government bureaucracy is not only unconstitutional, if not tyrannical.

By shining a light on these abuses of power and forcing citizens to take a long, hard look at what the law says about their constitutional, representative republic, Obama has created a whole new grassroots movement of activists who will oppose his socialist agenda at every turn. People who would never have been actively involved in the past have been pushed so far off the cliff by the leftists in Obama’s power grab that they have now become a vast army of activists who are participating in returning the nation to its constitutional roots of limited government, of the people, by the people and for the people.

The “progressive” liberals in the Democratic Party, mainstream media, and Obama regime do not understand this vast movement, nor do they really care to understand the truth. They will continue to be arrogant toward mainstream America, and will continue to remain intentionally ignorant of what America is supposed to stand for in their continued attempt to make America their socialist Utopia.

This ignorance and arrogance is not playing well at all with the American electorate, which will result in an electoral revolution come November. Obama’s arrogance, deceit and ignorance of American exceptionalism, coupled with his total and utter contempt of the American people, will be the weapon with which the Tea Party, conservatives, independents and everyday Americans will stop and reverse the Obama agenda.

And then we win!
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The incredible part about most liberals is that I can go to any forum and debate them with the same points... anticipate their canned response, burst their bubble, add more data, get cussed out (not PRC) and either watch them leave or I get banned.
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The article clearly articulates the facts.

Time for "Pitchforks on DC" rally...

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