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Default House rules

Posts that that totally change the OP remarks(fixed it) will no longer be acceptable. When We spot them they will be deleted. If you spot them . please report them.

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Default HOUSE RULES (merged), updated 12/23/2011

Reminder: personal insults for the most part get deleted or edited out of posts. Sometimes we lock a thread or move it to the Boneyard when the insults become the discussion. And sometimes, the insults are straight up vulgar and over the top, and not only do the posts go away, but the person who wrote them goes to camp.

This forum has been getting uglier and nastier of late, and that trend is over. Things are going to get more civil around here one way or the other.

New guideline: I already had a rule about threats of violence directed at the President or other officials, as it is actually a violation of the law to write or say such things, and neither IB or CF specifically need that nonsense on their site. The rule was an automatic month off with no discussion or warning. Well, recently several folks have been advocating killing someone or some group with alarming frequency, and I have gotten a bunch of reports and PMs about just about every post of that kind.

So I am now extending my PR&C guideline against typed advocating/threatening of violence by removing the Obama/official distinction. Now, if I see things that in my estimation even imply advocating or threatening of violence towards anyone, real or imagined, joking or not, I swing the ban hammer. I am already no big fan of Internet tough guys, but some of the stuff typed recently could actually constitute cause for CF and IB to get in trouble, and that simply will not be tolerated.

So everyone is clear, my current definition of ban worthy violence includes anything about killing or doing serious bodily harm.

With that said, to all Internet lawyers - my definition doesn't need to be exact, and can be subjective because your posting PRIVILEGES are by invitation, and that invitation is not a right and exists so long as you conduct yourself according to CF's rules and guidelines.

As always, opposing viewpoints and heated debate are the order of the day, but we can have heated, even passionate debate without resorting to threats, violence or vulgarities. Participation is most definitely encouraged, we just need to clean it up and get a bit more civil about it.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
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Default Friendly reminder (please read)

When reporting a post, please understand the following:

1) The moderators and admins do not have alerts or alarms set to immediately notify us in the event that a post is reported. We get emails, and like anyone else, we check email every so often. Do not think that because your report has gone without action for 11 seconds that we are ignoring it. We may have not even seen it. You see, we're volunteers, and not always on the forum or in our email.

2) When you report a post, insulting or harassing the moderators or admins will not speed up any action if such action is warranted. All it will do is annoy us. A report that reads "I found this post to be directly insulting another forum member" is a whole lot less annoying than one that reads "I found this post to be directly insulting another forum member, but I guess the mods are too lazy to care."

3) Contrary to popular belief, you not liking another member is not sufficient cause to ban them forever. Insulting me in your report doesn't change that rule, it just annoys me.

4) I am considering, though I haven't quite made up my mind yet, a one week automatic ban for anyone who types anything into a report that is remotely similar to "I thought we had a rule about this." You see, this little dig can only be taken one of two ways, both insults. Either you mean we are ignorant of the rules or that we willfully ignore them. So I can have my intelligence insulted, or my ethics and job performance. See how neither would be pleasant? Of all the insults, this one happens most frequently, and speaking only for myself, I am really sick of it.

5) The moderators and admins do care about being fair while also maintaining the best possible forum environment for everyone. I check my mail 3x a day minimum for reports. Not everything that gets reported is a violation. We appreciate the feedback, and it does help us do the job, but there's simply no need to insult people who are volunteering their time to help you while providing that feedback. I appreciate frustration, especially in a section devoted to politics, religion and controversy, but before you insult me or Grumpy in a report, please take a few deep breaths and reconsider. You'll be doing you and us a big favor.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.


6) From the mod forums:
Originally Posted by pewter99
May I add the "elevator button mentality" (repeatedly pushing the button/reporting the post) doesn't make us respond any faster it just adds to our email count

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Worth noting:

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. -- Socrates
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Default Misuse/misspelling of member names

2/6/2012 - Intentional misuse/misspelling of forum member names

This should be patently obvious, but one of the tried and true tricks to bait people on this forum into playground fights is the intentional misspelling of another member's forum name in an effort to be derogatory.

Thank you - The Management.

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to add to the has always been in the rules..just part of the inappropriate images rule

Members who quote the inappropriate links/images or comments in their reply, are held equally accountable as the member who originally posted it.
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