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Democrats 2020: Trillions and Trillions and Trillions More

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Democrats 2020: Trillions and Trillions and Trillions More

Old 07-12-2019, 08:47 AM
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Default Democrats 2020: Trillions and Trillions and Trillions More

Democrats 2020: Trillions and Trillions and Trillions More

Ned Ryun

Weíre currently witnessing one of the greatest attempts at mass bribery in history. With each passing week the Democrats running for the 2020 nomination offer yet another bribe for winning more votes.

The most recent is Senator Kamala Harrisís $100 billion dollar plan for black home ownership. But this is childís play compared to everything else the Democrats have either proposed or endorsed.

Consider the 10-year cost estimates for some of the major plans that most, if not all, of the potential 2020 nominees have already embraced: Medicare for All, otherwise known as socialized medicine, is $32.6 trillion. The Green New Deal, also known as coercive environmental socialism, is $93 trillion. Universal basic income, in which people would become paid wards of the state, is $38 trillion. Slavery reparations would cost $14 trillion, but once that Pandoraís box is opened, where do you actually draw the line and decide who would get money and why? As for erasing college debt and free college, thatís about $2.4 trillion in the first decadeówhich counts as ďmodestĒ in this context.

The cost of all of those plans combined in the first 10 years is $180 trillion. Thatís just one decade. Consider the fact that many government run programs are nowhere near actual estimated costs but typically run well over.

In what world do Democrats live? Itís definitely not the world of reality.

Itís hard to get perspective on how massive $180 trillion is. Itís almost nine times our current national debt of $22 trillion, and thatís also a hard figure to grasp. If you want perspective on even what one trillion dollars looks like, one could spend $1 million a day from the birth of Christ until now and still not have spent $1 trillion. Now multiply that by 180. Thereís not even enough Monopoly money currently in circulation to put a dent into $180 trillion. (Trust me, I did the math: 215,000,000 estimated Monopoly games have been sold, with the standard game containing $20,580 per game.)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, that great economic genius, has proposed we pay for all of this with the simple trick of just printing more money, becauseóof courseógovernments can print as much money as they wish. So letís run those printing presses 24/7 and pay for it all; ainít life grand?

Except thatís not how it works, as most mature adults know. In short, fiat money only has value if people perceive that the government printing the money is sound and has a strong economyóthat is, the permanence and economic resources required actually to back the value of the money. Moreover, that country has to continue generating real wealth and productivity.

You donít create value by printing trillions of dollars. All you do is kill a lot of trees and create hyperinflation. Ocasio-Cortez would do well to observe Venezuela where money has been devalued by massive inflation, or 1920s Weimar Republic Germany, where the government printed up massive amounts of paper money and people were paying for a loaf of bread with literal wheelbarrows of money because the Deutschmark had almost no value.

In a normal world, with a real mainstream media interested in giving the American people the truth instead of propaganda, these Democratic candidates would be treated more as inmates on leave from the insane asylum than as serious people. Honest and competent journalists, who would actually know something about history and economics and monetary policy, would be perplexed, even astounded, by the madness being proposed.

Instead, the leftist propagandists masquerading as journalists and reporters are working overtime to act as though thereís nothing unusual about any of this. They are far more interested in continuing their reprise of the role of the deranged Captain Ahabs in pursuit of the great white whale, Donald Trump, than in the inconvenience of tracking down real news.

What Democrats propose would be catastrophic and a complete change from anything that has ever been understood as real policy in this country. Forget foreign powers bringing us down and destroying the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever known: if left to their own devices, the Democrats can and will do that all on their own.

Add to their crazy fiscal policies their ideas to do away with the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, and open our borders to unlimited immigration, and one would be forgiven for thinking they are deeply un-American, every last one of them.

This is whatís at stake in 2020: who will we be as a people in the years and decades to come. Donald Trump has made it clear that in all things he puts Americans first and last. Democrats? Who knows who these Democrats are running to represent and or in what country they think theyíre running for president? Apparently itís not to represent the American people and their best interests.

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Old 07-12-2019, 08:51 AM
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You DO understand that's "Federal money" and nothing to do with your tax dollars? Right ?
This is a slush fund for giveaway programs and won't affect you at all...
Its simply there to help non-citizens and non-producers have a decent lifestyle...

If you need more background on this ask any of the Dem presidential candidates and they'll straighten you out...
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Old 07-12-2019, 09:10 AM
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those policies would produce hyper -infaltion would end the federal reserve and the democrats know it. the federal reserve would never allow it to happen becuase it would lend itself out of business. As in every period in recorded history the suffering from and over the confusion during the transfer to a new banking system will be enormous . It is usually during and right after wars.

"Most wars are fought for this reason alone , for the power to create new money by print and by controlling credit , to issue dispense it(redistribution of wealth) and then for the banking government be first in line to receive it." Give me my phd in economics and politics and the nobel prize, I'm staying at the holiday inn express on saturday.

It should be wriitten in the history books that way . Now you know the truth.deal with it.

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Old 07-12-2019, 09:38 AM
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There are even people here who support these ideas and are going to vote for Socialist Democrats.
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